CDC’s credibility crisis; Midterm economy; The Big Sort

Never before have so many relied on America’s top infectious disease agency, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). And never before have so many been disappointed.

Amid the government and public health agencies’ misinformation, missteps, and mistakes during the Covid pandemic and shutdowns, there is now a crisis in confidence among the public.

Even some of CDC’s staunchest supporters are calling for an overhaul of the agency.

Stanford’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on what’s gone so wrong at CDC

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll investigate what went wrong and where America goes from here, with polls showing a majority of the public mistrustful of the multi-billion dollar health agency and its advice.

Prof. Lawrence Gostin

Also Sunday, Scott Thuman explores the Midterm economy that’s driving so many people to the polls as Republicans hope to take control of Congress with Democrats fighting to keep it.

And Lisa Fletcher reports on what we call The Big Sort: Americans self-sorting geographically to places where they fit in, in terms of their politics and social priorities.

Hope to see you Sunday!

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2 thoughts on “CDC’s credibility crisis; Midterm economy; The Big Sort”

  1. Politicians making CDC decisions? What a non-funny joke!! Morons funding morons!!
    I am 89 years old and have never before in my life seen more stupidity in our so called leaders than that, that is now available in DC. Throwing billions of dollars at problems without a pragmatist in charge (President Donald Trump) is the apex of idiocy, and never provides a positive result!! Biden and crowd are the ultimate in DUMB mistakes and “shooting from the hip”!!!

  2. One problem similar to Long Term Elected Politicians is Long Term Government Leaders w/o oversight. Seems like they appear as “invincible” and “how dare you question me” attitude.
    Just like elected officials need term limits, so goes with the mgmt bureaucrats.

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