After Hours: Liberals & Conservatives Sue Baltimore over Failing Schools after Grade-Changing Scandal

Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump is joining conservatives in suing over Baltimore’s failing and corrupted public schools after the infamous grade-changing scandal.

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3 thoughts on “After Hours: Liberals & Conservatives Sue Baltimore over Failing Schools after Grade-Changing Scandal”

  1. I don’t see a problem here, the black community has gotten exactly what they’ve demanded for years.

    I personally know a couple of teachers who tried to hold black students to the same standards as other students. Some black student may show up to class somewhat regularly (or not), sit and play on their iPh0nes, not do the work, then when they were graded on their efforts and results, the race-baiting NAACP, stepped in, accused the teachers and schools of being RACIST and that they MUST pass the students or face lawsuits.

    More money isn’t the answer. We’ve been throwing money at this problem for decades, as the schools continue their decline. Failing most students, of all races. If the kids succeed it’s more inspite of the schools than because of them.

  2. Ben Crump‘s responses were extremely disappointing. He is no more than an SJW who quotes soundbites and trite sayings. He gave not one solution for what took place, and also put no blame on the teachers, where there has to be some culpability.

    The solutions are: weed out the teachers who aren’t doing their job and provide incentives for those who are performing well;, cut the fat administration that are not doing their jobs and are corrupt; enact more “outside” oversight in the education process; and create “outside” oversight for how educational funds are spent so that funds for tutoring for struggling students can he made available & seek out volunteer tutors in each community.

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