After Hours: The Problem with our Asian Chip Addiction (Podcast)

A visit to Germany where they’re joining the US in trying to kick the global Asian computer chip addiction.

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2 thoughts on “After Hours: The Problem with our Asian Chip Addiction (Podcast)”

  1. Sharyl this Article and electronics ? The D.O.J needs to get Tv stations like News channels 22,, News center 16 and News channel 57 in South Bend IN. to testify and report what they know about some Tv’s being sold that are not supposed to have the technology to see and hear people in there Homes like my Tv that was made and sold for Wal-Mart corporation thats not supposed to have that 2 way Diode circuits in them ? ( Just supposed to emit a picture )) = Who’s watching who ? Invasion of privacy ! These Tv stations dont need to be taking over me and other people’s privacy rights ? If I have any corrupt activities going on I”‘ll alert others , I don’t need any more Preditory perverts making excuses up to invade my privacy on these devices stealing even more intellectual property and personal information from these criminal .devices I have reported in past to other Gov. agencies = “See something say something ?. If I was Joe Biden administration i’d look into this for class action justice for me and others ? These devices in America did not pan out to really have any privacy = Grand Illusions privacy ! The Tv stations need to tell ?

  2. This Article and my earlier post on my Sanyo LED secret criminal activity TV. Erin Andrews Tv reporter was Awarded 6 and a half Million dollars in past when people got caught invading her privacy… Fess up and Man up Tv stations ??? We need to get to the Bottom of this and citizens constitutional rights for some people, while None for others. “What? would Abraham Lincoln do in this case or George Washington if they was still alive ??

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