‘All I want for Christmas is the Full Truth, please’

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PS: I hope you get your wish for the Full Truth!

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4 thoughts on “‘All I want for Christmas is the Full Truth, please’”

    In the Word, which is TRUTH, and promoted as TRUTH by those who promote December 25th as the time of the Messiahs birth, their is clear and concise evidence that December 25th is for those who follow Lies.
    exodus 12:2 clearly states for those who wish to Worship GOD, that the Month of Passover is to be their First month,(beginning of months) for the acknowledgement of the keeping of time. This occurs in the Gregorian way of keeping time as April..
    Luke 1:26 clearly states in the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent unto Miriam. This being September for those following GODS timeline. The following verses in Luke. clearly confirm the immaculate conception taking place in the sixth month.
    December 25th falls six months short of the time of life as spoken to Abraham and Sara 9 month gestation of man.
    the number of the beast is based upon the creation day of man,the sixth day. No coincidence that the lie about the Messiahs birth falls short by 6 months.
    No coincidence that nowhere does GOD say man, (those who wish to follow the Messiah,TRUTH, WORD made flesh, should memorialize HIS birth. God does say to Memorialize HIS Passover. which is the reason for the gospel..
    No coincidence that Salvation is is defined as being reborn.The beginning of a new life, and that YHWH declares the Month of Passover as the Beginning of the keeping of time.
    Here is the TRUTH!! What will you do with it as a journalist seeking it, now that you hav it?

  2. University of Florida’ Medical School has been thrust into the spotlight as using “WOKE CRITERIA” as a part of their “admissions requirements”.
    It appears that your support of the University of Florida Freedom of Information (FOI) conference has a “conflict of interest” with your own conveyed principles on the matter.
    OR am I missing something?
    It appears to me you have been “duped – as in – scammed” out of your donation(s) to UF. Just an observation, as I do read your website and newsletters daily.
    As an Emmy-Award Winning Investigative Journalist, I would expect/suspect you will follow up on those reports about the UF Medical school and shed more light on the situation in your future newsletter(s) and on your website.
    IF you are wondering my motives, let me share:
    I concur with Jon Rapoport’s assessment of you and your work…….IT IS EXCELLENT….and ethical.
    Thank You for your work.

  3. Truth? What would the average American do with the truth? There was plenty available before the 2022 elections but it meant little. College students were bribed with the lie of tuition savings and young women were promised abortion on demand. The economy and foreign relations meant little as America sinks further into the abyss.

  4. Oh no! Did I wait too long to get my, “all I want for Christmas … ” ornament? I’m only finding the shirts, but NO ornaments!! Say it isn’t so.

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