Full Measure After Hours: CDC’s Post-Covid Crisis in Confidence (Podcast)

By nearly every account, the public has lost confidence in CDC amid mistakes, missteps, and misinformation. Prof. Lawrence Gostin discusses where the agency can go from here.

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7 thoughts on “Full Measure After Hours: CDC’s Post-Covid Crisis in Confidence (Podcast)”

  1. The CDC was founded on a premise of promoting vaccines, while funded by Pfizer,etc. The foundation for this org was always in conflict with public interests with regard to authentic health care. It’s been most interesting to observe how prevention-diet-and anything else that is an alternative to the profit based promotions fostered via CDC/FDA/WHO have been buried under a blanket of media censorship. I’ve watched the gradual erosion of public knowledge re the work of Adele Davis and others over the last 40 years. It’s an astonishing fact to consider how alternative medical healing approaches has been censored.

  2. This man is really hard to listen to. I don’t care how “good” the CDC staff is. This agency has only one solution for any public health issue: vaccines. They refuse to look at the damage cased by adverse effects of some vaccines,. and just keep adding to the schedule. They do not have any suggestions for early treatments. They promoted PCR testing that gave highly inflated numbers of infected people, feeding panic. This agency was started as part of the military, not public health; and it shows. A true public health agency would have been looking at all the variables that affect health–not just try to be victorious over a respiratory infection.

  3. I cannot find the words to relay my thoughts regarding this interview, however, I shall try. Prof Gostin is obviously parroting Anthony Fauci.. In fact I was not certain it was not indeed Dr Fauci you were interviewing. Prof Gostin is still talking about vaccinating the innocent children with an untested, dangerous injection….its not a vaccine.
    Shame on him

  4. Thanks Sharyl for this important interview. I cannot convey enough my mistrust of not only the CDC, but also NIH and FDA.. These important agencies have been politicized to the extent that they mime the talking points and wishes politicians instead of doing their jobs in a non-political sense. As to Fauci.’s role, he is one of the main disasters in the resulting mistrust of the CDC. Mast – Don’t Mask. Evolving science that will allow no detracting voices to be heard. The collusion between Government and Social Media to silence ‘misinformation’. All of these have left me to conclude that the only solution is to replace the leadership at all these three-letter government agencies and start with fresh unbiased faces.. There is no other choice if we want them to be trusted again.

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