George Will: Biden, Harris should not seek re-election in 2024

The following is an excerpt from The Hill, via Yahoo! News.

Washington Post columnist George Will is arguing President Biden and Vice President Harris should call it quits after one term.

Will described what he called a “boulder” bouncing by this fall demonstrating “why Joe Biden should not seek another term.”

“Democrats should promptly face that fact, and this one: An Everest of evidence shows that Vice President Harris is starkly unqualified to be considered as his successor,” Will added.

Will said that Biden’s recent incorrect assertion that he had passed a massive student loan forgiveness package “by law,” saying “he got it passed by a vote or two,” should be disqualifying.

“Biden was not merely again embellishing his achievements. This is not just another of his verbal fender benders. There is no less-than-dismaying explanation for his complete confusion. What vote? Who voted?” Will asked.

“It is frightening that Biden does not know, or remember, what he recently did regarding an immensely important policy. He must be presumed susceptible to future episodes of similar bewilderment. He should leave the public stage on Jan. 20, 2025.”

Of Harris, the longtime columnist wrote the vice president on a number of issues sounds “like someone giving a book report on a book she has not read.”

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2 thoughts on “George Will: Biden, Harris should not seek re-election in 2024”

  1. George Will is another Never Trumper who believes he is smarter than the voters. Maybe he has failed to ‘read the book’ as Trump continues to draw the crowds which he does because Trump puts the nation first regardless of his obnoxious talk and personality. Policy over politics George.
    He almost got it right on Biden/Harris. Biden will exit the political stage in 2023 so Harris can become the first woman of color POTUS, the democrat party will demand it as it is the only way for her to make history, albiet a bogus one.

  2. George Will was such a Never-Trumper he voted for Hillary in 2016 and probably voted for Biden/Harris in 2020.
    You helped make this sorry bed we all have to sleep in now, budrow, and you’re no better than the rest of us — pile in, go to sleep and shut your piehole. Your opinion is no longer credible or relevant.

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