How Intel & Govt. Propagandists Took Over The News (Podcast)

Startling and eye-opening firsthand accounts of the news being willingly used as propaganda tools by CIA and political campaigns.

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10 thoughts on “How Intel & Govt. Propagandists Took Over The News (Podcast)”

  1. Every American should listen to this podcast before turning on the “news” in the evening or opening the “news” on a computer. Few will. We are losing our willingness to critically analyze government and the media. The courage to do that and refusal to be led like lemmings to the sea is what will keep us safe.

  2. Sharyl this Article and a New tip.. These different phone and laptops O.S. need to do a Security patch update ? These Various Apps I recently found are being exploited they need a XSS script protection security update patch. What’s going on is the bad people are installing and exploiting devices with malicious scripts in background and in some cases staying there until a person does extensive device cleaning each time when used . So to counter this ongoing exploitation a New security patch by Microsof Windows and Chrome and other phone app O.S. systems in needed ?

  3. I don’t have time to listen to audio at standard speed. Please prominently display a way to listen to your podcast somewhere with a built-in speed control that would allow 1.5x, 1.75x, and 2x speeds. Thanks.

  4. Sharyl my earlier post Tip Feedback here ? Here is more you and the D.O.J . need to know in holding Big Intel tech companies more responsible in today’s live active Computer Science law ? All these under age children in the past 15 years on online using these devices as well as political science applications so ever more increasing it’s Law makers and Big tech that needs to step up and change how online safety and prevention from exploitation of young children using these devices being tracked and being taken advantage of ? And more so with political science in holding people accountable as Sharyl Attkisson is good at ? “YEAH for Sharyl ! taking on the dark forces of greed and evil X-Files in the known Universe ! = ” See something say something ? Ha ha ha ! Happy holidays Sharyl !

  5. Hubs would benefit greatly from listening to this .He watches you on TV but won’t listen to podcasts.
    An entire program/documentary series based on the subject matter of this podcast is greatly needed..

  6. John Francis Davies USMC ret.

    I am a Cold War veteran who served in the Marine Corps during the Cold War ( 1977-1985), and do research into this period of our history.
    I would like to contribute to this discussion about media collusion with the Government and the National Security Establishment.

    Recently there has been much discussion and controversy over the remaining classified documents concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
    I have here a link to a CIA Memo 1035-960 dated 1 April 1967
    Title: “Countering Criticism of the Warren Report”
    Source; The Mary Farrel Foundation

    In it the author openly discusses methods the Agency can use to stifle questions of the Warren Report, including using friendly contacts in the media, using propaganda assets, and refute critics. I know of no document in the public domain which so blatantly displays what’s discussed on the podcast.

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