Musk’s Twitter fixes unscientific censorship of ‘Died Suddenly’ Internet documentary

The following is a news analysis.

The documentary ‘Died Suddenly’ aired live on Twitter on November 21. By November 23 it had more than 7 million views, including 5.2 million views on Rumble.

“Died Suddenly” on Rumble

Clearly there is a lot of interest in the subject matter: the broad increase in all-cause deaths after the introduction of the Covid vaccines, and alleged adverse events related to the vaccinations.

On November 23, the Died Suddenly Twitter account tweeted out a message showing that someone at Twitter had censored the platform’s replay of the documentary by making it not able to be shared, liked, or replied to. Further, Twitter slapped a label the documentary with an ironic warning; ironic because the warning purports to be in line with factual scientific information, but the label is, itself, woefully unscientific.

The label stated:
Misleading Learn why health officials consider COVID-19 vaccines safe for most people.

There are multiple reasons why the Twitter label makes no sense, and is itself misleading. And it is reflection of similar warnings placed on material on Facebook and YouTube.

First, it doesn’t specify which “health officials” consider Covid-19 vaccines “safe for most people.” This is true of some health officials, but there are many thousands, if not millions, who have expressed disagreement. So Twitter is cherry-picking one side of the equation without balance in order to give a misleading picture of the information landscape.

Second, the reason it gives for the documentary being misleading is that “health officials consider COVID-19 vaccines safe for most people.”

By the Twitter standard, apparently, a vaccine could kill 49% of people but would still be “safe for most people” (51%) and, therefore, any documentary raising issues would be “misleading.”

Of course that’s ridiculous.

But beyond that, even if it is true that some health officials consider vaccines safe for most, the Twitter warning is also misleading because “safe for most people” is not the bar that a vaccine or other medicine must meet in the US to be approved as safe and effective.

In fact, a medicine that’s considered quite safe but not very effective may face scrutiny and ultimately be pulled from the market.

Additionally, under FDA standards, a medicine does not need to have a great deal of reports of injury for it to qualify as too dangerous to be sold. Medicines that apparently hurt or kill a relative few are sometimes pulled from the market under an imprecise calculus that government does trying to figure out the true risks and benefits of the drug.

As a CBS News investigative reporter years ago, I covered the liver damage issues with the diabetes drug Rezulin. It was withdrawn from the market after “just” a handful of deaths. Apparently, some of the Twitter information minders today would claim, unscientifically, that the withdrawal was unwarranted because Rezulin seemed “safe for most people.” In fact, even if it helped some people, the FDA concluded the overall risks were unwarranted.

That’s when I first learned that one adverse event reported officially about a medicine can translate to between 10,000 and 100,000 more that go unreported, according to scientists.

Back to “Died Suddenly.”

A number of high profile accounts on Twitter complained to new Twitter CEO directly about the warning and inability to play the documentary. Within a matter of hours, the warning appeared to be lifted.

This could be a major positive step in the social media propaganda war that had largely been won by pharmaceutical interests and their powerful advocates. They have been extremely successful at controlling the online information landscape in such a way that it often made true information appear false, and false information seem true.

A better Twitter recognizes that those trying the hardest to censor and control are too often guilty of promulgating propaganda and false information themselves.

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9 thoughts on “Musk’s Twitter fixes unscientific censorship of ‘Died Suddenly’ Internet documentary”

  1. This information has been available for those that sought the truth since the beginning of the “pLandemic”. Just look for those that were ‘CANCELLED’ by social media and US Government.

    What was most surprising to me is how Corporate media has not only ignored facts, but has been complicit with the NARRATIVE. Who controls this NARRATIVE?

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I likewise watched the video, which will make your blood boil, and make you detest the corruption and death-dealing plot it exposes. No possible explanation for the fibrous clots, some exceeding 3 feet that are pulled from the bodies of the deceased, other than the spike protein and other deleterious products deliberately added by Pfizer, Moderna, and AZ, with the connivance of the FDA and CDC. The pharmaceutical empire owns the MSM, most politicians, and the medical establishment, through their grants, donations, and outright bribes tried to hide this evidence by immediately burying or burning the cadavers without any autopsy or embalming. The global immunity granted the drug pushers, including those who gave the shots, will not prevent lawsuits for willfully putting a deleterious product into commerce, and hiding the defective nature of the product. Our court systems are going to be quite busy, and if not, an American version of the French Revolution is possible.

  3. Now if we can just get the entire documentary “We Need To Talk about Sandyhook” un blocked, People coukd see the truth.

  4. Keep after it Sharyl! Precious few with real voices saying ANYTHING about this mass genocide taking place! Taxpayers pay for the shots that maim or kill us AND there is Zero liability on the Drug Companies/Pushers… When injured run right back to same companies for “medicine” to try and keep you going for a bit longer.
    What a racket!!!

  5. I would like a follow up with knowledgeable physicians discussing these findings regarding prevalence of this condition, is it permanent and is the FDA looking at it.

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