(POLL) 99% say votes should be tallied by midnight on Election Day, or within 3 days

Ninety-nine percent (99%) of people say election votes should be tallied within three days of the election; most of those (89%) say votes should be counted in full by midnight on Election Day.

That’s according to our most recent unscientific poll of 1,564 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Almost nobody said counting should take longer or “however long it takes.”

Recent elections have been marred by local systems that include either inefficiencies and problems, ; or designs that accept late-arriving ballots by mail, delaying vote counts for days or even weeks.

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

Poll question: How quickly should election votes be tallied?

89% By midnight Election Day

10% Within 3 days after Election

< 1% Within 1 wk

< 1 Within 1 month

0% Within 1 year

1% However long it takes

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3 thoughts on “(POLL) 99% say votes should be tallied by midnight on Election Day, or within 3 days”

  1. This Article and 99 % of People don’t have a Clue ? What your saying might be a Reality if Many States would stop calling for Human Hand Re- Count Checking of Voters Ballet’s … By ordering Re-checks and Hand Re- checked re-counts, the right side of your Brain is Slowing Election count Tally Total’s with the left side of brain ? Speed Bump ? ” You people are right of of a Alfred Hitchcock Movie ?

    1. Actually, they can stop allowing last minute absentee voting. All votes should be received no later than Election Day. Problem solved.

  2. If the powerball lottery can sort through 500 million tickets in 3-4 hours, 3 times per week, and know how many winners there are and where the tickets were purchased, there is no acceptable reason that counting votes should take days and/or weeks or more to be counted. This practice promotes cheating by anyone. Ridiculous

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