(POLL) Historical perspective: Americans’ reaction to record inflation

The following is an excerpt from Gallup News.

The United States has seen all manner of inflation rates since the government established the Consumer Price Index near the start of the last century.

The rates have ranged from nearly 24% in 1920 to as low as -16% in June 1921 — both of which occurred during the recession that followed World War I.

However, since the baseline year of 1914, there have been just five periods when inflation exceeded 10% for a sustained period of time, with the most recent occurring for an extended stretch from the late 1970s to early 1980s.

So how have Americans reacted to hyperinflation historically?

This review looks at the four episodes that have occurred in the Gallup polling era, since the 1930s.

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2 thoughts on “(POLL) Historical perspective: Americans’ reaction to record inflation”

  1. Some more Historical perspective you’ll need to know before sailing around the World ! Christopher Columbus did not Discover the New United States the native Americans Indians did ! ( Speed Bump ! ) They was this countries first farmers long before the U.S. Farm report was established …”The more you know !

  2. This article and my earlier post more info ? Don’t for get the Indians Historical perspective this Thanksgiving ? They also was some of the First people who first discovered basic Wireless communications signal coding. They figured out by sending Binary smoke signals to near by other tribes they was able to communicate with others. Example; By seating series of smoke signals in sky meant the Sue Nation was Now online in wireless communications to other tribes..Later in life the Indians joined After World war 1 the Indians joined the War and helped American troops with there talents in communications coding others was unable to break talked about in a real life movie .

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