(POLL) If you had to pick one of these 9 cities to live in, which would it be?

New York, Chicago, and Seattle are equally unpopular as a place to live, among a list of 9 big cities. Less than one-half of 1% of people chose each of those cities as the place they’d most like to live.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 900 people at SharylAttkisson.com

Two Southern cities were the most popular in the poll.

The choices given were: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans, Atlanta, Tampa, Charlotte NC, Nashville, and Seattle.

Winning the top spot is Tampa, Florida with 43% of the vote. Nashville comes in next with 38%.

Following Nashville are: Charlotte, Atlanta, San Francisco and New Orleans, Chicago and New York. Seattle is at the bottom of the list with only 3 people or .33% choosing it.

Full results are below. Be sure to answer the newest poll at SharylAttkisson.com. Look for the black box on the right sidebar on your computer or scroll way down on your mobile device.

If I had to live in one of the following cities, I’d pick

<1% New York

<1% San Francisco

<1% Chicago

<1% New Orleans

2% Atlanta

43% Tampa

14% Charlotte

39% Nashville

<1% Seattle

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19 thoughts on “(POLL) If you had to pick one of these 9 cities to live in, which would it be?”

  1. Wondering if you have a list of states that were the least restrictive during Covid. The states that didn’t mandate the vaccine and/or had legislation that prevented private employers from doing so. I know SD and FL were pro health choice. Any others? Will be a factor in future relocation decisions.

  2. Since most listed are liberal I might as well live in Honolulu which is rated # 1 for the least stressful city to live in by some polls.

  3. Just think what happens now when enough conservatives start moving in.
    Reverse engineer the place.

    Can’t concede all the good locations to bad governance. And many of the choices are excellent locations. Pick one or two and concentrate the turnover from Blue to Red. Which ones offer the best chance to out number them?

  4. There’s no reason to live in any kind of city. You’ve been here to my part of the world, Northern Nevada. I live just far enough away from anything to not have to choose. But close enough to visit.

  5. None. Don’t want to live in an American city ever again. Give me the mountains, albeit the flatlanders from the Dem cities are running to the hills as well–and bringing along with them their politics.

    1. I agree, the liberals end up hating the high taxes and awful, lawless society they create with their socialist agendas, then move to a red state/locale for the safety of the society created by conservative values. They then proceed to ruin it because they are too stupid to learn from their mistakes, thereby re-creating the very dysfunctional society all over again. I plan on moving to a very red state, and hiding high in the mountains

  6. An online friend who lives somewhere in Tennessee said to live anywhere in that state~it’s one of the most conservative states in the Union. I don’t like cities so I guess I’d live SOMEWHERE in Tennessee but not in a city.

    1. I moved back to my home state Kentucky in 2021 after living in Houston, Texas since 1980. Houston is a Democrat hellhole now. I live in a rural area near a quaint small town and within 30 miles of Lexington. The numbnut governor (Beshear) is up for reelection In 2023 and the state has a Republican super majority in both houses, both US Senators and almost all Representives are Republican…..besides all that, the bluegrass state is beautiful…..good for the soul.

      1. Exactly, grew up in the shadow of Houston and throughout Houston and Ft Bend county. For over 40 years. Houston has its great points but the crap going on the last 2 years especially we jumped ship and left Texas for Florida. It’s all the large cities in Texas not just Houston. Austin has been a joke since the mid to late 90’s. Dallas always will suck. San Antonio is just average at best with the same crime and dope issues as the rest. The border towns are being eaten alive and have lost the charm they once had. I love Texas and I love the people. Unfortunately people have changed and that’s the issues with everything, everywhere, and everyone. No escape, so go somewhere you want to be and have your head on a swivel.

  7. totally agree with Carolyn. Although at the outskirts of Chicago I remember an italian neighborhood with italian stores. But by far want to live WAY apart from big cities

  8. Having been born and raised in the Seattle area, I would welcome the chance to move away (circumstances prohibit that choice at the moment). But I’m sure the Seattle Chamber of Commerce would claim that your poll is biased.

  9. Selling our beautiful home in the southwest rim of Chicago. It has lovely. neighborhood and many Chicago Police Officers/Firefighters/city workers live in our Ward. Chicago requires all employed by the City to live in Chicago. It is one of the safest neighborhoods. However, we are moving to a gated community in a suburb southwest of Chicago. My mother is 93 and my brother is disabled. They live in a southwest suburb of Chicago. My mother needs me to stay near and I have P.O.A of her finances and Trusts. I will handle the finances for my disabled brother after her passing as he will remain in their home. I need to stay nearby. With the Illinois S.A.F,E-T Act passed….a radical and dangerous Act… it is time to move out of Chicago. We are retired and the care of this large house and my concern for safety has lead us to size down and move to a safer area.

    If I could choose were to live…..Charleston, South Carolina or Blowing Rock North Carolina would be my first top choices

  10. 3 children were shot in the Seattle area 2 days before Thanksgiving. Ages 9 to 14 in road rage and drive-by shootings. The legislature has been promoting crime for 30 years. . In the early 90s our county councilman Paul Barden told me I have unreasonable expectations. Park my van in my driveway and have my tools and materials in it in the morning to go directly to the job site without stopping for replacements. My expectations are more unreasonable today ;( No home invasion, no prepper spray by each door, no carjackings in pickup lines or at stop lights, no assaults of elderly women at public transit stations or grocery store parking lots in the middle of the day …………………. the list is endless!

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