(GALLUP) Most favor death penalty for murderers

The following is an excerpt from Gallup News.

The majority of Americans, 55%, are in favor of the death penalty for convicted murderers in the U.S.

While this marks the sixth consecutive year that support for capital punishment is between 54% and 56%, it is below the 60% to 80% readings recorded in the four prior decades between 1976 and 2016.

When Gallup initiated this measure in 1936, 59% of U.S. adults favored the death penalty for convicted murderers — and majorities have supported it since then, with the exception of several readings taken between 1957 and March 1972, including the record-low 42% in 1966.

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the death penalty unconstitutional in June 1972, majorities continued to back it. When it was reinstated in 1976, public support for it grew until it peaked at 80% in 1994.

At least 60% of U.S. adults favored capital punishment until 2017, when support dipped to the lowest point since 1972, and today it remains at that level.

The latest findings are from an Oct. 3-20 Gallup poll that was conducted during the trial of the gunman who murdered 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2018.

On Oct. 13, the jury in the highly publicized trial spared him the death penalty and instead sentenced him to prison for the rest of his life.

The decision was met with disappointment from many of the victims’ families, who thought the gunman should be put to death.

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5 thoughts on “(GALLUP) Most favor death penalty for murderers”

  1. In consideration of all the Pharma-monsters and Tony Fauci, Daszak, Baric, and the WHO-CDC-FDA; and in light of how many innocent people have died thus far from the clot shot–I’d say the death penalty would be the humane option. These players have behaved like psycho-killers and should receive no amnesty in consideration of malice of forethought,

  2. The founders of my own Church have taught the most compassionate treatment is the death penalty. It shows the soul that if it does not cease this momentum the next step is the second death mentioned in our Christian Bible. That this penalty should be extended to convicted pedophiles. Like Elijah come again as John the Baptist, we reincarnate when our souls have a mission to come back.

    A soul that has committed murder (not out of self defense) has unfinished businesses here. The repentant soul will desire to serve life and return. So to rot in jail is often a waste of time when the soul can break the clay pot and come back after a time on the other side to prepare for re-embodiment.

    So the termination of life in the womb takes on a whole new meaning with this understanding. And it is extremely uncomfortable to interpret this for one who has participated at some level.

  3. Why did FL jurors gift life w/o parole to the murderer of 17 children that could not defend themselves?
    What the FL jurors, judge, and prosecutor did was send a message that murder is not something we take seriously.
    The ‘people of FL’ did not want that verdict.
    Why did the judge allow this? Why did the prosecutor not screen the “juror” appropriately?
    Instead, the message peddled by corporate media is that “Trump is bad”. Nothing else matters, unless an entertainer wants to add more bs to their NARRATIVE.

    1. I do not know what was in the minds of the jurors. As I saw it, they system was on trial and should have been convicted.
      = Cruz should have been in prison at the time he shot up the school. He had been expelled from school for bringing bullets to school a couple years earlier. The law requires expulsion from school. I believe the legal penalty for that is 10 years in prison. He was never indicted and tried. Why Not?
      = A couple weeks before he shot up the school he had a gun to his foster brother’s head. If a husband does that to his wife, he is leaving in handcuffs and his guns are being put in the back of a 2d squad car, as it should be. He guns were not confiscated he he was not arrested. Why Not?
      At one point his firearms were confiscated, but he asked for them back and they were returned.
      = Law enforcement had been called to his home about 45 times because of his violent behaviors beginning in grade school. Juvenile authorities, social services and others that normally take care of matters like this did nothing. He was a special education student and eligible for services. I am guess he would be diagnosed as Emotionally Disturbed and eligible for psychological counseling. Nothing was done. Why Not?
      = He had posted on a social media site, someone called the FBI from another state, They apparently tried to identify him and were unable to do so. I am serious they tried. Someone else knew where he was and called the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. That person was told to call the Sheriff in the next country.
      We have over 25,000 laws and ordinances regulating firearms at the Federal, State and local levels of govt, most are not enforced. Cruz should never have been allowed to legally by or own a fire arm. He should have been put on the No-Buy list in the FBI computer. Why Not?

      I could go on about Cruz, and most mass shooting about how the laws were not enforced which would have prevented most of the killings.

  4. Please note that the Bible does not simply *permit* the death penalty, it *mandates* it, in each of the five books of the Torah, contrary to the leftist nonsense emanating from the Roman Catholic Church in recent decades.

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