Silicon Saxony; Waiting for weapons; Berlin Wall

The global computer chip shortage has likely touched you in ways you don’t even realize.

Most of the chips that are critical in so much of our technology are made in China. How have our leaders let us become so reliant on our adversaries?

Reporting on Silicon Saxony from Dresden, Germany

Sunday on Full Measure, I’m reporting from “Silicon Saxony” in Germany where they’re working to tilt the equation back in favor of the US and Europe.

At a silicon chip factory in Germany

Also Sunday, Scott Thuman has a fascinating report on US allies who are waiting for weapons from us that they’ve already bought and paid for, while Ukraine got moved to the front of the line.

And a somber visit to the Berlin Wall on an anniversary. I’ll have a brief review that summarizes what a lot of us probably didn’t know about the fall of the symbol of Communism.

The Berlin Wall

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