Swiss drugs regulator investigating ‘bubbles’ in Covid-19 booster vials

The following is an excerpt from Medscape.

BERLIN (Reuters) – Swiss drugs regulator Swissmedic said on Wednesday it is examining potential risks in connection with bubbles that appeared in vials of Covid-19 vaccine boosters retooled to target the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

Swissmedic said it had been informed by vaccination centres of the appearance of bubbles during the preparation of the updated vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech targeting the original version of the coronavirus and the BA.1 Omicron variant that led to a record surge in cases last winter.

“Vials of the batch concerned contained bubbles after being removed from the fridge,” said Swissmedic, adding that the phenomenon seems to be accentuated when the syringes were prepared several hours in advance.

Cantons and vaccination centres have been informed as a precaution, the regulator said. It added that it was looking into possible causes.

Swissmedic had temporarily approved the booster shot in early October, but said it was too early to approve the bivalent booster targeting the currently circulating BA.4 and BA.5 Omicron subvariants in addition to the original virus, which is being used in the United States despite less available data.

A BioNTech spokesperson said Pfizer was in charge of the supply chain and distribution in Switzerland and had no further immediate comment.

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4 thoughts on “Swiss drugs regulator investigating ‘bubbles’ in Covid-19 booster vials”

  1. This article ? “The light of Today cannot be Squared to the Futures of Tomorrow ! _Wm.Andrews Rochester,IN. Discoverer of New Mass Energy Equivalency Mathmatucs….

  2. As the current saying goes: a conspiracy theory in 2022 is just a ‘spoiler alert.’ Bubbles are one thing–what about the graphene oxide nano-particles that cause clots etc.
    As a relevant digression, I watched the Alex Jones entitled “Endgame” back in 2010. At the time,I didn’t know much about the Bilderbergers, nor did I know much about Rockefeller’s involvement in funding the medical establishment. Now it appears that Alex Jones and David Icke were right all along, and depopulation schemes and eugenics programs were indeed a real conspiracy. Maybe this is the reason why A. Jones is being sued for a king’s ransom.

    1. and David Icke is not allowed to travel to 26 EU countries. it seems both AJ and David Icke are stepping on some mighty long toes.

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