(UPDATE) Accounting for Afghanistan

A shocking disclosure from the man overseeing U.S. tax money spent to help Afghanistan. In a new report to Congress, Inspector General John Sopko disclosed that, for the first time in his office’s history, he’s unable to provide an accounting of the spending “due to the non-cooperation” of federal agencies.

Sopko says the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Treasury Department refused all cooperation, and that the State Department provided only selective information.

The U.S. remains Afghanistan’s single largest donor after the botched and deadly U.S. withdrawal last year (Aug. 2021). Since the Islamic extremist Taliban took over, the U.S. has given more than $1.1 billion to support the Afghan people.

Sharyl (on-camera): But, as Sopko reported, there’s no way to account for it.

Watch update here.

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3 thoughts on “(UPDATE) Accounting for Afghanistan”

  1. So, we gotta Guy and his job is to account for the money Americans are paying out that goes to Afghanistan, and that Job is given to him by Someone. Someone who has some amount of stroke, else he wouldn’t Have the job. So when some element of the government refuses to cooperate with him and provide accurate records, then wouldn’t you Think he would go to his boss and say
    They are not cooperating. ?

    And then, IF his boss Actually wanted that report put out, wouldn’t his boss go Make them deliver the figures?
    IF The uncooperative elements who refuse to deliver the details aren’t being disciplined for their behavior,then what would you infer?

    Gee,Wally, aren’t they Supposed to deliver the information to that office when it’s asked for?
    Well, Beve, that is what would make sense, but if Someone already told them not to cooperate and not worry about any blowback, then they won’t.

    Now WHO could Possibly have done that?

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