After Hours: The Powerful, Unseen Middlemen Impacting Your Drug Prices (Podcast)

Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) are powerful, unseen middlemen impacting drug prices in a big way. The debate is over whether they’re saving you money or costing you money— and possibly costing lives.

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2 thoughts on “After Hours: The Powerful, Unseen Middlemen Impacting Your Drug Prices (Podcast)”

  1. This article ” The more you know ! In the Early days of pharmacies and medicine in past history ,chemist right there in pharmacies used to mix your medicines. They did not have lobbiest ? maybe you should start training pharmacist to bring back that practice in future, right there in pharmacies again = Monkey see monkey do ???

  2. My earlier post on this article ? After giving this matter more thought my previous post is a Win Win for all the Drug stores and the public ? Unlike the 30″s 40’s and 50’s , now days we have Digital mixing machines and Digital measuring machines and Computers. So pharmacies could better help themselves and the public save money. They just need a extra room these days to store chemicals to mix up later on Demand service filling prescriptions to public..A Win Win for all !

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