‘Died Suddenly’: A summary of the Internet documentary about Covid vaccines

The following is a news analysis.

“Died Suddenly” is a documentary focused on widely-circulated rumors about Covid vaccines causing an alarming increase in deaths globally, much of that allegedly attributed to blood “clots” caused by mysterious fibrous substances found in the arteries and veins of cadavers.

Watch Died Suddenly here.

The film takes a unique and effective approach. Instead of focusing on the stories of the vaccine-injured, which are subjects of other documentaries and features, it profiles accounts from well-reputed embalmers and funeral directors.

One reason this is so effective is that it manages to circumvent the controlled and propagandized environment of establishment medicine and doctors. Embalmers and funeral directors are typically not subject to the same threats of discipline, discrediting, and job loss as medical personnel at hospitals and in other establishment scenarios– at least, not the same level. Embalmers also have not been targeted for control by the pharmaceutical industry.

The film mentions that most of the sudden deaths being noted today are not autopsied, so it’s only the embalmers who would see many of these bodies. The film effectively establishes that these men and women, the embalmers, are in a unique position to observe and record something that doctors who treat the living are not in a position to see.

Numerous embalmers and funeral directors from around the world speak frankly about the unprecedented and disturbing phenomenon they’ve detected since Covid vaccinations were widely introduced. They speak on the record, and frequently offer up evidence in the form of video and photographs.

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In one of the documentary’s impromptu moments, an embalmer gets a work call while he’s being interviewed for the film and invites the crew to come along and see what he finds, in real time. Sure enough, he pulls out one of the fibrous, rubber band-like “clots” from the cadaver on camera. The unrehearsed moment is quite effective at demonstrating that the problem may be just as the embalmers have described.

Supplementing the compelling accounts from embalmers are numerous medical doctors; some of whom have become whistleblowers.

Framing the documentary are discussions about documented efforts to control or reduce the world population. Several presenters opine that the Covid vaccines are part of a conspiracy to accomplish depopulation. The film does not examine or present any specific evidence tying the vaccines to the depopulation movement, which is led by notables such as billionaire activists Bill Gates and George Soros. It is probably best, for the sake of the film’s intended focus, that it chose not to veer off and examine Gates’ long time advocacy for population control prior to him becoming perhaps the world’s leading vaccine promoter, next to the vaccine makers themselves and CDC. The suggestion of a conspiracy might not have been necessary from the standpoint of explaining the medical phenomenon at the heart of the film, but the filmmakers and participants clearly thought it was important to introduce the idea of motivation.

Overall, the film is effective at using credible subjects and evidence to verify a deadly occurrence that people might have otherwise dismissed as an urban myth. At the end of the documentary, one might be left with the disturbing question: How establishment medicine could get away with overlooking and failing to address the unusual fibrous “clots” that seem to be causing so many deaths of vaccinated people around the world, young and old.

Watch Died Suddenly here.

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A Summary of Died Suddenly

The film establishes the unique changes seen in the types of “blood clots” of dead people since Covid vaccines were introduced. At first, an embalmer said he thought Covid could be responsible, but became suspicious when he began seeing these odd clots in people who supposedly didn’t have Covid but had been vaccinated.

The film discusses Malthusian theory, and people who believe in the notion that we should limit births, and control and limit the human population; theories advocated by people like billionaire activist and vaccine promoter Bill Gates.

Funeral director Chad Whisnat says he was never anti-vaccine, but has recently turned into an anti-vaxxer based on what he’s seen in the funeral home. He says he no longer trust the pharmaceutical industry. Upon a friend’s advice, he Googled “Died Suddenly” and began seeing an extraordinary trend in deaths among a lot of young people, famous people and athletes. They are dropping dead without explanation, and without much seeming concern. “It’s never happened like this until now,” he says.

At 8:29 in the film, a man is seen lining up specimens of horrific-looking fibrous substances that look like worms or ropes– he calls them “white fibrous clots or structures”– found in dead bodies of people. They aren’t typical “clots,” he says.

Embalmer Richard Hirschman says he started making notes about whether people were vaccinated or not, and color coded his cases by that and by clot size discovered in their bodies.

He compared notes with other embalmers with decades of experience. They, too, noticed the recent change in the types of clots showing up in dead bodies. That includes John O’Looney, a funeral director in the United Kingdom.

Embalmer Anna Foster says the longest specimen of one of these worm-like clots that she has on video was nearly three feet long, pulled out of someone’s jugular. At 11:50 there is actual footage of this clot being removed from a body.

“They’re not blood clots, but they’re clotting the blood,” says one embalmer.

Brenton Faithful, embalmer, New Zealand saw the same and compared notes with others around the world.

At 13:40 we hear from Wallace Hooker, an embalmer who says when he gave a speech at a convention, almost all of the 100 embalmers present said they had recently observed the same phenomenon, and all for the first time in their careers.

At 15:07 the film discusses a second phenomenon: “microclots” that some think are even more dangerous because they are undetected. They make the blood look “dirty” and “can slowly starve organs of oxygen,” says one presenter. The blood of these people looks like it contains coffee grains or sand, and sometimes the blood separates oddly.

Embalmer Nicky King describes what she has seen. At 17:11, there is video of one fibrous piece being removed from a body. It looks like a rubber band and “would cause stroke, heart failure, pulmonary embolism.”

At 18:00, the film addresses the sharp rise in deaths that aren’t Covid-related. It mentions that most of these deaths are not autopsied, so it’s only the embalmers who would see many of these bodies.

20:13 An embalmer gets a live call work while being filmed, and the documentary crew tags along to see in real time what happens.

Before we find out, we hear from some military whistleblowers. In Idaho on Sept. 25, 2022, several spoke and gave public testimony. One of the whistleblowers is Lt. Col. Dr. Theresa Long, a US Army Flight Surgeon.

Life insurance companies have noted an unexplainable increase in all cause deaths of 40% among 19-49 year olds. “It’s apocalyptic,” says Long. She says she has never before seen such a litany of deadly conditions among her military patients: strokes, myocarditis, erratic heart rates, cancers, brain tumors, Multiple Sclerosis, cognitive impairment, suppression of immune system, unprovoked blood clots, menstrual irregularities, blood clots and miscarriages. She says when she reached out to commanders with concern about what she was seeing, she was ignored and her career threatened. “I have significant concerns that we won’t have a standing Army in 5 years,” Long says.

Also speaking is Lt. Col. Dr. Pete Chambers, another US Army Flight Surgeon.

At 24:30 A Covid vaccine victim in the military talks about being “mocked, discredited and unsupported.”

At 25:20, the film shows excerpts from an unofficial hearing held by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) when Congress refused to hold hearings on this important topic. There is discussion of shocking increases in cancer since Covid vaccine, of 300% over the 5-year average.

At 26:00, pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole talks about the spike in cancers that are reactivated or quickly spreading, even in young people, post-vaccination. He says he’s seen neurologic effects increase by 1,000% in the military from 82,000 to 863,000 in one year.

After Sen. Johnson demanded the military preserve and investigate data on all of this in their system known as DMED, the military shut down the system.

At 27:40, the film explores the belief by some that there are too many people on the planet. It was popularized in the 1970s with followers of the theory predicting “calamity” somewhere after the year 2000. Bill Gates is one of the best known publicizing this line of thought. Joining him are notables such as left-wing billionaire activist George Soros, the World Economic Forum, and Prince Charles; who saw Covid as an “opportunity” to “reset” and “reimagine economic systems” to address what they see as climate change and economic inequality.

At 30:44, the film mentions that global health institutions organized a simulation of a Covid-like pandemic two months before Covid-19 became a reality.

Then 31:28, the film discusses the propaganda campaigns to push vaccines at any cost, on social media, and by celebrities, late night comedy shows and more. The campaigns include pressure and threats to destroy your life if you don’t take the experimental vaccine.

At 33:30, we hear from Steve Kirsch, a philanthropist and entrepreneur. “You should always be suspicious if the people in charge of safety don’t want to see the safety data,” he says. He’s discusses the propaganda campaign to falsely label him as an anti-vaxxer and “a misinformation super-spreader” despite the fact that he has no history of being anti-vax or a conspiracy theorist, and originally supported Covid vaccinations, and got his Covid vaccines in March of 2021, along with his wife and all his kids. He says he had always gotten vaccinated and trusted the government, and in the beginning promoted Covid vaccines and was “waving the flag” for Dr. Anthony Fauci.

He then describes hearing from an acquaintance who had three healthy relatives who were vaccianted and died a week later. 

At 37:00 there is a sad video clip of vaccine victim Megan Fathers after one dose of Oxford’s Astra Zeneca on March 14, 2021. She is so neurologically damaged that she cannot speak or hold still.

At 37:50, a family pediatrician unfolds a typical vaccine package insert, then shows one from an RNA Covid vaccine for children which is completely blank, almost two years after the vaccines were in use.

Kirsch discusses how he has offered anybody from any major medical center of government agency $1 million or any price if they will have a fair discussion with him about Covid vaccine safety. Nobody will do it. He talks about the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) at 40:40, and how Congress gave vaccine makers liability immunity for damages from their products with the promise of creating this reporting database.

Next, Kirsch talks about discovering shocking and compelling data from Israel that he says shows vaccines aren’t safe. He says he emailed 300 officials at CDC, but nobody wanted to see it. He directly reached out to the cell phone of Grace Lee, chair of the outside committee advising CDC on vaccines. At first, Kirsch says Lee ignored him. When he persisted with trying to get the information to her, she called the police. Kirsch recorded the police visit, which can be seen at 43:30.

At 44:00, there are excerpts from some of the false news reports that claimed vaccines would prevent people from getting sick and from spreading Covid, and that “the number of people who have died from the shots is zero.”

The film discusses how VAERS reveals a good number of issues, and yet doesn’t capture the bulk of vaccine-related deaths that happen months later.

At 45:50, there are video clips of people suddenly collapsing in a variety of settings, including multiple bus drivers while at the wheel, and TV news reporters and personalities.

At 50:10, the embalmer that got the work call earlier in the film allows crew to watch live embalming of the body, during which he pulls out one of the fibrous substances in what he says is an unusual place: an artery. “This is not normal,” he remarks, while pulling out the stringy substance. He says he retrieved one from a vein, one from an artery, and more.

At 52:21, there is video of another large wormlike clot being removed from a body, and then one pulled from a beating heart.

At 53:19, Dr. Gene Posca, an Internal Medicine Specialist, speaks to “John,” a victim injured after vaccination with clots in leg and lungs. 

Thermal signals at 54:10 show someone after vaccination “lit up” on the side where he got vaccinated and developed clots.

At 55:00, we hear from Michelle Gerson, a whistleblower from a postpartum ward at a California hospital. She says they used to see maybe one fetal death (stillbirth) every 2-3 months; “it was uncommon.” But after Covid vaccinations, she says they saw a record number: 22 of them in August alone, according to an email she received.

The film addresses vaccinated women reportedly losing babies at an unusual rate. An embalmer says he’s recently seen more dead fetuses than ever in his career.

Dr. James Thorp, an OBGYN, says he sees a huge number of patients and has noticed “death and destruction like I’ve never seen before.”

At 57:14, the fetus death and stillbirth rate are discussed further with an alarming graph. When asked if “babies are having heart attacks in the womb,” Thorp says that, yes, are. In Canada, an account is given of 83 stillbirths among 4,000 deliveries. 13 dead fetuses in one 24 hour period. A 1,200 fold increases in mentsrual abnormalities and a substantial increase in miscarriages, birth defects, fetal cardiac issues, and all kinds of complications.

Meantime, the media reports no risks.

The film discusses vaccines causing inflammation, which leads to “damage, injury, death and destruction in pregnancy.”

At 59:30, the film addresses a Pfizer adverse event analysis reportedly showing shocking number of issues among pregnant women.

Next, the film turns to birth rates. In Hungary just nine months after Covid vaccinations began, one person testified at a hearing that the birth rate fell by 20% compared to same period last year. That account is at 1:00:20.

At 1:01:00, there is a graph showing a stark birth rate decline in multiple countries and states; Australia leads with a 70% drop.

The documentary does not dive into the origins of Covid question (see my investigative report on that topic at the link below), but discusses the conspiracy theory that the vaccine adverse events are by design to reduce the global population.

As the film concludes, there is exploration of the idea that Covid vaccination coercion was accomplished using psychological operations to force people to take them or demoralize them if they refused. One presenter says he considers Covid vaccines a bioweapon unleashed against humanity to depopulate or control the world population. Others frame the vaccine as the work of monsters: “good vs. evil.”

“If the goal was to reduce the world’s population, it’s working,” says one of the participants in the documentary.

Watch Died Suddenly here.

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  1. I had afib but Dr. monitored with no recommendation of defib. or pacemaker..
    On 2-5-20 I had first shot of Moderna vaccine. On 2-8-20, I had full cardiac arrest.
    Luckily at cardiologist waiting room, it took four of them to get CPR steady response. Paramedics (from your old neighborhood, Bee Ridge by Lockwood Ridge) arrived and used AED.
    Dr. told wife he was “so sorry”. Put on ice for two days and woke up with defib/pacemaker implanted. Doing OK. The embalmer comments are really eye opening. BTW, no booster after that!

    1. You should be able to find such pictures easily online.

      As is said at one point in the movie, normal blood clots (very dark red) are often attached to the fibrous white “clots.”

  2. Mary-Anne Sillamaa

    Thank you for your balanced review and for giving people a link to see the video.
    Thank you for your believable reporting in general!

  3. Thanks Sharyl.
    I am glad you are reviewing this documentary so lots of people who get your emails will have access to this important work. There are lies and misinformation everywhere these days and it comes from those we used to trust. You are doing a great service.

    Your friend,

  4. This Article sounds like a Science Fiction article like some of those other Video’s on the Internet that are not true, but I ran across a past research I was doing and Found I proved a Math Formula to a New Discovery in Abnormal reactions in some rare people = [ Arterial Fibrosis } More genetic research would need to be done to see if other genetic autoimmune conditions is a added contributor factor to my discovery. Examples; Like un-diagnosed cystic fibrosis factor and or a persons or people with higher cholesterol problems, and or people with abnormal White Blood cell problems = More genetic testing would need to be done here to determine actual variables involved ?_ Wm. Andrews

  5. Are there any tests available to detect these clots and stringy, fibrous substances developing at an earlier time, pre-death, where some sort of intervention might be possible? What is conjectured about possible interventions and/or control of these unusual conditions?

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