FBI Corruption and the ‘Oath of Office’ by Whistleblower Special Agent Stephen Friend (Podcast)

“Indefinitely Suspended” FBI Special Agent and whistleblower Stephen Friend speaks out about the oath of public service and asks why more federal employees aren’t stepping up to the plate.

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2 thoughts on “FBI Corruption and the ‘Oath of Office’ by Whistleblower Special Agent Stephen Friend (Podcast)”

  1. A case to watch – Brunson case 22-380 Was able to bypass the 10th circuit court on the basis of national emergency and present to Supreme Court. Brunson brothers are taking to the Supreme Court that our current president, vp, members of congress were complicit in not investigating reports of election fraud. The case was sitting in the 10th circuit for 4 months when the brothers applied to the supreme court to take the case as a national emergency. The Supreme Court accepted the case. When the 10th circuit found out they immediately voted to dismiss the case. The Supreme Court then encouraged the brothers to hurry and get their paperwork in so the case can be reviewed and possibly move forward.

  2. Stephen Friend is my new hero after listening to your podcast. True heroes are hard to find nowadays as our society doesn’t seem to honor the sacrifice it takes to become one. I am a retired regular officer who served 25 years on active duty. I began that career by swearing the oath when I graduated from college, 1966, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. As a retired regular officer, I am still bound by that oath under penalty of court-martial. That oath is sacred to me – as sacred as my marriage vows. It carries the weight of history and of better men who upheld that oath during extreme circumstances. It carried me to Vietnam where my Commander in Chief ordered me. I flew 218 combat missions during a perilous year when I lost many friends in a cause, that by then, was lost. Yet, I couldn’t walk away out of personal safety or convenience. I did my duty. So, it is quite frustrating to see politicians and other authorities swear that oath that includes, “without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion”, yet those words mean nothing to those who are ambitious. I am now going on 79 and have never before been this concerned about the future of our Constitutional Republic.

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