(FORUM) It took Musk to do the job others should have done

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The revelations coming from Twitter CEO Elon Musk are either groundbreaking or a “nothing burger,” depending on who you listen to.

I happen to think they’re huge news. Part of the reason is because it took a private billionaire, Musk, to do what law enforcement, the media, and political watchdogs should have done. That’s an international scandal in of itself.

Musk is providing the goods that further confirms what we already came to know: the biggest censorship and information manipulation campaigns in history have been underway in recent years, with Big Tech colluding with political and corporate powerbrokers to make it happen.

These propagandists have furthered false information and squelched truthful and accurate information, as well as off-the-narrative opinions and views.

They have been party to election interference, ruining careers and lives, and arguably costing many lives during Covid for putting out rampant disinformation and making certain scientific studies and views hard to find, or smearing and controversializing the researchers behind them.

As I have previously written, the government’s involvement and contractual ties with Big Tech companies makes the censorship that’s at issue here officially fall under the heading of unconstitutional government censorship.

Worst of all: our intel agencies are involved; weaponized in order to control the public narrative and the outcome of our elections.

We have known this for some time– and though some individual political and media figures on both left and right have called it out from time to time, nobody has done anything meaningful about it.

Musk’s reluctant takeover of Twitter is perhaps the biggest game changer in this disturbing trend.

Musk is to Big Tech as Trump is to establishment politics.

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9 thoughts on “(FORUM) It took Musk to do the job others should have done”

  1. It’s not like it’s “rocket science” either!

    Imagine – it took the two unlikeliest people imaginable to expose the corruption of media, the government (especially the Democrat Party) and the bureaucratic deep state:

    A New York builder and celebrity billionaire, and former liberal, and another entrepreneur billionaire and liberal from South Africa.

    If you wrote a novel no one would believe it.

  2. Musk’s revelations in The Twitter Files are groundbreaking…no one else would have revealed that a former FBI lawyer, Jim Baker, was working inside Twitter to continue the suppression and attacks on conservatives that he started at the FBI before he was fired, I agree with Elon, “Why should people believe Twitter in the future if Twitter does not come clean about the past?”

    It’s great that Elon is un-banning high profile accounts like Trump and The Babylon Bee..but there are many, many thousands of smaller, ordinary conservative accounts that were suspended by Woke Activists on their way out the door. So far they have not been found out as my account is still suspended with no response to an appeal,

  3. The mechanism behind the Twitter censorship is so multifaceted it will take multiple unveilings of various operatives, requiring their cooperation, to fully pull back the curtain so that even the most rigid skeptics can no longer deny the truth of what’s been obvious to those of us who have paid attention.
    Nice to see progress but I want to see convictions on both sides of the aisle.

  4. What amazes me, even though it shouldn’t, is the fake news media is still calling this a nothing burger and not even touching the legality of what’s been going on. Maybe because they all know they’re deeply tangled in this web of deception, dare I say treason? Let’s call it what it is. The big question is, who is going to prosecute these crimes? The DOJ won’t. The FBI won’t investigate it. Talk about sedition. This is the real coup.

  5. Indeed. The biggest political scandal of our era, perhaps ever, and the corporate media yawns, makes ‘so what’ comments and continues searching for the next Trump infraction to create distraction.
    This must be pursued to the end. Repubs had better grow a pair and push ahead with the investigations, with actual accountability and consequences for the traitors involved.
    Past traitors have been allowed to migrate back into the flow (McCabe, Clapper, Brennan) and resurface as pundits or in some other government agency. Still waiting for the apology of the fifty former intel agency personnel who put out the document that the Biden laptop was Russian misinformation.
    The corporate media knows that their day is coming. They also chose to censor the story.

    1. David,

      Reminder :

      Forwarded Message :

      Dear Reader,

      Think “transceivers,” embedded in vote
      machines’ circuitry, allowing remote
      control of election outcomes—to
      serve ( Marxian ) Globalists’
      Deep State machinations,
      done worldwide ( see
      Brazil’s stolen
      election ).



      Wayne doesn’t mention that RUSE in
      his outstanding appeal to sound logic :

      — Wayne Allyn Root—on how midterm elections were stolen —


  6. Sharyll Attkisson should know. She’s been getting “the business” for decades. TPTB (THE POWERS THAT BE) have been colluding for years to control the narrative. They are fanatical true believers who have and will continue to go to any length (treason and assassination) to accomplish their ends.

  7. Spot on, That’s why Democrats will use all the power of the money behind them to keep trying to stay in power – any way they can with elections, growing seeds of the narrative in young people, immigration, and keeping a cozy relationship with all forms of major media. I wonder what it will take for the average narrative-believing person to question anything long enough to take action. There must be some issue, some breaking point of preponderance of evidence, that moves the needle.

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