Gabapentin; Mining for bitcoin; IRS Audits; Back to the Moon

It’s quietly become one of the most-prescribed medications in America. Gabapentin. And most of the prescriptions, say experts, are given for uses not approved by the FDA.

Musician Leo Ashline says he became addicted to gabapentin as if it were crack cocaine

Sunday on Full Measure, I investigate gabapentin and calls to regulate it as a controlled substance. Some watchdogs say the drug can be surprisingly addictive, and it could be playing a growing role in America’s opioid death epidemic.

Michael Abrams of Public Citizen supports stronger controls on gabapentin

On the other side: doctors say it’s one of the few promising treatments for all kinds of painful and mysterious disorders.

Dr. Brian Callaghan says gabapentin can help some people like no other medicine can

Also on Full Measure, old school meets the newest thing in cryptocurrency.

Bill Spence is a pioneer in using waste coal to mine for bitcoin

Find out how waste coal is being repurposed to create or “mine” bitcoin. It’s a process that involves using supercomputers to solve complex problems. It gobbles up incredible amounts of energy!

I’ll have an interview that looks at reports on who is and isn’t getting audited the most by the IRS.

And, as America prepares to return to the Moon, what is that project costing taxpayers? Lisa Fletcher will have the tally.

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5 thoughts on “Gabapentin; Mining for bitcoin; IRS Audits; Back to the Moon”

  1. Isn’t Gabapentin already controled? I know all to well what drug addiction can do to people; but, it’s not always the other guys’ (Big Pharma) fault. Honestly some of the law suits coming out of the sad addiction problems in society seem like a grab for quick cash. Lets please not make things worse with albiet well intentioned sanctions.

  2. I was on it for a decade. For fibromyalgia & autoimmune issues. Weaned off slowly after dr offered a narcotic next. I got sober at 30, not getting addicted to pain killers in my mid 40’s. After that I was called non compliant and dr were very dismissive.

  3. I have a pinched nerve in my neck. My doctors in California explained to my exactly why they wouldn’t recommend surgery and instead sent me to physical therapy. Simple daily exercises resolved the pain in my arms and neck. After moving to another state I couldn’t get the pain resolved so I went to a spine doctor. While he was against surgery, he refused to send me to physical therapy and instead handed me a prescription for Gabapentin. I suspect certain drug prescriptions for medicare patients are a cash cow for doctors and their CEO’s. I’ve heard doctors are given $ awards by insurance companies for the number of statin prescriptions they write.

    1. Doctors do not make any (legal) $ from prescribing any specific (by mouth) medications. There are lots of people who assume doctors get a commission or kick-back when prescribing medications and they don’t

  4. Your story on cryptocurrency mining completely misses the point of why Bitcoin is so essential to the future of individual freedom and the world economy. Bitcoin provides a decentralized store of value that cannot be beholden to the reaches of governments and other centralized authorities. It does this through “proof of work” which is what drives high energy usage. All other cryptocurrencies are centralized to some degree using a “proof of stake” system that cannot be freed from external control. Your focus on burning coal to generate the electricity for Bitcoin mining misses this distinction and shrouds Bitcoin as part of the environmental problem when it can actually be part of the solution. Also, there were factual errors such as New York banning mining, not allowing it and China has banned mining, not leading it. I look forward to a deeper follow up story on the worldly benefits of Bitcoin.

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