How does your state rank in overall health?

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Hospital Review.

United Health Foundation released its 2022 America’s Health Rankings Dec. 6, which analyzes the overall health of the 50 states and marks the return of the rankings after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

UHF is the nonprofit, private foundation established by UnitedHealth Group in 1999. It excluded the ranking of states by overall health in 2020 and 2021 “out of a shared understanding of the significant and unprecedented health challenges presented by the pandemic.”

For the 2022 rankings, UHF analyzed 51 measures across five categories of health: social and economic factors, physical environment, behaviors, clinical care and health outcomes. 

New Hampshire came out on top for 2022, ranking in the top quintile across four of the categories: social and economic factors (No. 1), clinical care (No. 4), behaviors (No. 1) and health outcomes (No. 6).

Four of the five top-ranking states are found on the East Coast.

All of the five bottom-ranking states are found in the South. 

Below are the 2022 state rankings.

Summaries containing a breakdown of each state’s performance in individual categories or measures can be found here. The complete 44-page annual report from UHF can be found here

1. New Hampshire 

2. Massachusetts 

3. Vermont

4. Connecticut

4. Hawaii

6. Minnesota 

7. Utah

8. Maryland

9. Washington

10. Colorado

See the rankings for all 50 states here.

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4 thoughts on “How does your state rank in overall health?”

  1. So is this survey of healthy states run by the same tools that harp on most desirable states to live in ? The majority of which nobody in their tight mind would want to live in due to out of control government, ridiculously high taxes and regulations for small businesses or in a part of the country that has winters so bitterly cold you have to be part Eskimo to venture out 4 months of the year…… Yeah I thought so

  2. Snort. A quick review of the top ten shows they are clearly not measuring for important community health considerations like freedom to refuse untested genetic therapies, or evaluating communities experiencing the fallout of “recreational” marijuana, or considering the medical kidnapping of minors whose parents disagree with doctor prognostications, or the immoral if obscenely profitable breast and genital removals of adolescents. And then there is the absolute lack of trust after watching greedy unethical hospital corporations suck up federal dollars, fire nurses, refuse family visits, lie about treatment viability, lie about certain shots and their efficacy, and ghost and gaslight those who are damaged by them. Physicians have become the most despicable and cowardly of all professionals as a result of COVID. Interesting to see the bubble in which the medical community operates.

  3. Clearly an extreme left organization making stuff up to push the leftist narrative. I’m unsurprised they omitted the data that would have shown the devastating impact the lunatic left COVID policies brought on the population.

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