Teacher sues school after being fired for not using a student’s opposite sex pronoun

The following is an excerpt from Just The News.

An Ohio teacher filed a lawsuit against her former school after she said she was forced to quit for not using a student’s preferred pronouns, which would have violated her religious beliefs. 

Vivian Geraghty was an English teacher at Jackson Memorial Middle School in Massillon until the district forced her to resign in August because she refused to participate in a student’s social transition to another sex by using different pronouns and a different name than the student had at birth.

The lawsuit, filed last week in federal court by the conservative legal nonprofit the Alliance Defending Freedom, said the school “unconstitutionally retaliated” against Geraghty for exercising her free speech and for her Christian beliefs.

The school forced her to resign although no students filed complaints and education was not disrupted, the lawsuit stated. 

Teachers in other states have filed similar lawsuits for not participating in a student’s social gender transition.

In September, a former Kansas middle school teacher received a $95,000 settlement after she was suspended for not using a student’s preferred name and pronouns.

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7 thoughts on “Teacher sues school after being fired for not using a student’s opposite sex pronoun”

  1. Did the teacher refuse to deal with overweight students? The Bible says not to keep the company of drunkards or gluttons. Does she refuse to associate with unwed mothers, divorced people?

  2. This article about as shameful and bad as Preditory sexual perverts Hiding secret diode circuits in your Tv’s so they can watch you in your Homes live ? These people need to get in Church and turn from Sin and Federal cyber crimes.. Find something productive to better devote your time to, instead of violating American’s constitutional rights ? Don’t let your Greed and perversions consume you lives ? “Look what it did for Vladimir Putin ? you want to end up like him good grief ? Get some mental help for your Sin’s ?

  3. Being an RN I was taught when dealing with patients with delusions to present reality. I don’t buy into their delusions. The teacher is correct. Mental illness appears to be spreading to educational administrators.

  4. While I disagree with the teacher being forced to resign I think the lawsuit is baseless and the premise for it silly, I disagree that the teacher has a consitutional right (while agreeing with her stance, premised on the lack of information in the article).

    The teacher is a public employee in particular and an employee in general. If her religious beliefs interfere with her job, she has to make a choice, her beliefs or her job. That is assuming there is some kind of law, rule or regulation, duly passed, that requires her to use preferred pronouns. No different than if a public employee had religious objections to gay or interracial marriages and refused to issue a marriage license to a gay, or interracial, or both, couple.

    If she was a private business owner, then, in my opinion, she’d have a better argument for her religious beliefs taking precedent over other peoples preferences.

    In 10 years or less, I think this whole transgender craze is going to result in many and major lawsuits against “medical” professionals, teachers, schools and others who are pushing this agenda and destroying an entire generation of young girls (primarily). Rightly so, it’s sad that the judges who rule in favor of this can’t be held liable for their poor rulings.

  5. She should not have resigned; she should have waited for them to fire her. Who are these idiots that populate school boards and district leadership? Forcing someone to participate in another person’s delusions is Orwellian.

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