(POLL) Fewer Americans getting flu shots this year

The number of Americans getting vaccinated against influenza has declined in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

That’s according to the latest Rasmussen Reports.

The national survey found that 47% of American adults have gotten a flu shot this year, while 55% have not.

In October 2019 – the last time we asked this question before the Covid-19 outbreak hit in early 2020 – 55% had gotten the influenza vaccine. 

Of those who haven’t gotten a flu shot yet, 16% say they still intend to get one, while 69% don’t plan on it and another 15% are not sure if they’ll get a flu shot.

To see survey question wording, click here.

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9 thoughts on “(POLL) Fewer Americans getting flu shots this year”

  1. While I did get a shot this year after reading about the study our government did 10 years ago and chose NOT to release I will think about it next year. That study found that flu shots for over 65 did not prove to be any more effective than not getting the shot.

  2. The days of trusting these vaccines and immunizations are over, it looks like. Big Pharma has exposed itself. Pure corruption. (In my opinion)

  3. I’m an RN. I used to encourage flu shots in my patients but after what I’ve learned in the past 3 years I won’t encourage them nor will I ever get another injection again. Trust is gone bye- bye!

  4. Especially now that some of the drug companies are switching their flu vaccines from the classic flu shot and are now starting to use the still experimental mRNA technology.

  5. I have always gotten a flu shot. This is the first year that my husband and I will not be getting a flu shot. I don’t trust big Pharma and will not get another vaccine unless I am in the nursing home and out of my mind and they stick it in my arm!

  6. This article ? Random Chemistry thoughts ?..I wonder in vaccines why Moderna in it’s mRNA vaccine production in chemistry did not combine acids to make its vaccine ? Example; Would it’s vaccine had better bennifit in side effects in some people had it combined acids production to Formula with (5z,8z,11z,114z,17,z)-5,8,11,17,7= icodapentaenoic acid with the acid you used to make your vaccine ?? Would have this combined acid Formula with its carbon chain better protected from immune side effects in some people ? = One step beyond in in Delta formation in added Chemistry ?? Random Thoughts from the inner mind to the outer limits ?

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