POLL: Most approve of the Democrats’ leader in the House, Pelosi, stepping back

The decision by longtime House Speaker and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California) to retire from her post in leadership of her party is a popular one.

Sixty-eight percent (68%) say they approve of her stepping back from the leadership position after her party suffered defeat in the Midterm elections. That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

Seventeen percent (17%) say it was a bad decision for her to give up the top role among Democrats in the House.

Pelosi, 82, would have gone from being Speaker to a far less influential position, House Minority Leader, with the swearing in of the new Republican majority Congress in January.

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2 thoughts on “POLL: Most approve of the Democrats’ leader in the House, Pelosi, stepping back”

  1. I approve of Pelosi stepping down, but their replacement choice is an election denier. So if you’re going to beat up Republicans who have doubts about election integrity, you need to beat up your own guy, too.

    1. Let’s just say that if the Republicans let it go that Jeffries is the quintessential “election denier” then their party is doomed to mediocrity. Every other two words out of De’ mouths are election denier. The Republicans need to do the same to Jeffries and the rest of the Dems in on that cabal, and if he uses those words he should be immediately hammered in the media with videos of his past statements. It’s time to play the game they way the Dems play it.

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