(READ) Senator to Pentagon: explain why Covid-19 vaccine religious exemptions are not being granted

Since the military levied its Covid-19 vaccine mandate against service members, Sen. James Lankford (R-Oklahoma) is among those who have worked to defend service members who have religious objections to the Covid vaccine. It is an established constitutional right to be able to claim religious exemptions to vaccination.

After writing several letters, Lankford has been putting a hold on Department of Defense (DOD) nominees until he receives an answer as to know why, despite tens of thousands of known requests for religious accommodations for the Covid-19 vaccine, the DOD has granted nearly zero religious accommodations among the service branches. Courts have found that blanket denials without genuine consideration are unconstitutional, and military authorities have found that, in some cases, improper blanket denials have been made. 

Here’s what Lankford had to say on a recent Twitter post noting that concessions in the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) would not suffice.

The NDAA currently includes a provision to repeal the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all military personnel 30 days after the bill is signed into law.

However, the Biden Administration objects to this measure, and it remains unclear whether, if the bill passes both House and Senate, whether President Biden will sign it into law.

Below is a timeline that chronicles Lankford’s efforts in this matter.

August 2022: Lankford demands DOD take immediate action on deplorable living conditions for service members with religious objections to COVID vaccine.

June 2022: Lankford follows up on Navy to protect sailors from Biden’s vaccine mandate

May 2022: Lankford stands up for Air Force Service Members against Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate

May 2022: Lankford defends discharged American sailors against Biden’s vaccine mandate

May 2022: Lankford, Cruz defend Service Members from vaccine punishment

April 2022: Lankford, Lee stand up for Service Members to get answers on COVID vaccine discharges

March 2022: RESPONSE: Defense department IG answer Lankford call to investigate DOD’s failure to provide religious accommodations for the COVID-19 vaccine

January 2022: Lankford outraged that defense department has granted nearly ZERO religious accommodations for COVID-19 vaccine (original letter)

February 2022: Lankford calls for audit of DOD’s failure to provide religious accommodations for COVID-19 vaccine

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2 thoughts on “(READ) Senator to Pentagon: explain why Covid-19 vaccine religious exemptions are not being granted”

  1. And yet school children Are denied a religious exemption in CA, MS,NY, WV, ME and CT. The state of Washington is truly stupid in that you can religious exemptions to all but the MMR.

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