(STUDY) Vaccinated people show ‘discriminatory attitudes’ toward unvaccinated

The following is an excerpt from Just The News.

An international team of researchers is arguing that unvaccinated people are the focus of “discriminatory” treatment from vaccinated ones, an indication of the continuously contentious politics surrounding vaccination status in a post-Covid world.

The paper, published in the journal Nature by a team of scientists in Hungary and Denmark, determined that “vaccinated people express discriminatory attitudes towards the unvaccinated,” which the researchers said could be expressed “as high as the discriminatory attitudes suffered by common targets like immigrant and minority populations.”

The population set from which the study was conducted drew from “citizens in 21 countries, covering a diverse set of cultures across the world.”

The writers argued that while “elites and the vaccinated general public appealed to moral obligations to increase Covid-19 vaccine uptake,” at the same time “discriminatory attitudes including support for the removal of fundamental rights simultaneously emerged.”

Less than 70% of the United States is considered “fully vaccinated,” while barely a third have received a “booster dose” of any kind.

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3 thoughts on “(STUDY) Vaccinated people show ‘discriminatory attitudes’ toward unvaccinated”

  1. The conflicting beliefs that “to be safe, get vaccinated” and “if you’re not vaccinated, you’re a danger to me” are indicative of minds not fully formed. The whole “punish the unvaccinated” stems from the onerous government policies that failed to protect people while harming many from the isolation and loss of livelihoods and created a general paranoia in the population.

  2. The TV ads for prescription drugs all mention side effects, some fatal. All the ads for the covid shots say safe. That should tell people something.

  3. I would say a major portion of this mentality goes back to the beginning of Communism, also known a Scientific Socialism. The implication being that the educated are the elite an idea pushed by college professors. Fitting right in with this is another name for Communism, International Socialism which advocates a one world government. At one time located in Moscow, now the UN. Globalist Elite are pushing this tidbit of knowledge in there drive for a Global Utopia. Structurally, the UN is in need of replacement, so it could be moved.
    Hillary said something to the effect that we must give up some of our rights for the common good. Don’t think, just do what you are told. This brings us back to the vaccine mandates.

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