Supreme Court to decide on Biden plan to transfer student debt to taxpayers

The following is an excerpt from Yahoo! News.

President Joe Biden’s student-loan forgiveness is officially in the Supreme Court’s book.

On Monday, the nation’s highest court announced it will be taking on both lawsuits that challenged Biden’s debt relief on February 28.

After Biden announced up to $20,000 in debt cancellation for borrowers making under $125,000 a year at the end of August, a number of conservative-backed lawsuits arose seeking to block the relief, and two of them have temporarily succeeded so far.

One lawsuit, filed by six Republican-led states, argued the debt relief would hurt their states’ tax revenues and that of Missouri-based student-loan company MOHELA.

The other lawsuit was filed by two student-loan borrowers who sued because they did not qualify for the full $20,000 of relief.

Two lower courts that received each of those cases ruled that Biden’s loan forgiveness plan should remain on pause until the Supreme Court makes a final decision on the legality of the relief.

With regards to the lawsuit filed by the GOP-led states, the Supreme Court will consider these two questions: Whether the Republican-led states that filed the lawsuit have standing, and whether Biden’s plan to cancel student debt exceeds the Education Secretary’s authority or is “arbitrary and capricious.”

For the lawsuit filed by the two student-loan borrowers, the Supreme Court will address whether the plaintiffs in the case have standing, and whether Biden’s debt relief was implemented in a “procedurally proper manner.”

For now, millions of borrowers remain in limbo as they wait for a Supreme Court ruling.

Biden recently announced an extension of the student-loan payment pause as a result of the lawsuits through June 30 or whenever the lawsuits are resolved — whichever comes first.

For now, millions of borrowers remain in limbo as they wait for a Supreme Court ruling.

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4 thoughts on “Supreme Court to decide on Biden plan to transfer student debt to taxpayers”

  1. But wait a cotton picking minute here now! If the USSC can’t get something as important as the first Roe v. Wade decision right, then just how can it be counted on to get anything else right? Both Kagan and Alito said that back in 1973, the USSC made an EGREGIOUS error, and we can see from some simple logic, that the USSC of today, could NOT have reversed that decision if it had NOT been an error! You cannot convert the truth into a lie, no matter how many people may want to do so!
    Not just the USSC, but the ENTIRE legal system is a scam, a fraud, an artifice with no legitimate power or authority over ANY man or woman! Prove me to be wrong, if you can!!

  2. I concur. This should be put through Congress. Whether we like it or not as Americans if students are not paying in the loans Americans are paying anyway and the debt will keep snowballing. University need to weigh the costs and benefits of accepting everyone and take on the burden of students who don’t perform and debt not paid.

  3. Hmmm. I wonder how the WOKE Left would respond of all of the former students who paid off their loans rather than had them forgiven and transferred to taxpayers demanded reparations.

  4. Furthermore, these “loans” are nothing more than electronic bookkeeping entries that were, and still are, created out of nothing but thin air!! When a brand new bank is issued its charter, it is allowed to create up to 9 MILLION “dollars” on its books out of thin air, before even one depositor puts in one dime! And banks created “credit” on their books in the form of loans, but never actually loan out anything of any real substance! See an article called The Credit River Decision for an explanation of what goes on there!
    Sam the fried Bankman, didn’t steal even a penny from anyone, it was all just some fake bookkeeping entries that he juggled around! If they wanted to, the government’s minions could just go and create some more bookkeeping entries to replace the ones that were allegedly stolen by Sam et al, and make everyone happy again! But if they did that, it would fully expose the banking system for the fraud that it really is!!

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