A Different Look Into Jan. 6; Our Energy troubles; and Agree to Disagree

News coverage of the January 6, 2021 pro-Trump rally and Capitol riots has been largely one-sided. So have the unprecedented prosecutorial efforts that continue today.

This week on Full Measure, you’ll hear more to the story. There are serious questions about the heavy-handed tactics the government has used to arrest or punish nonviolent protesters. And the FBI has remained mum on the extent to which its agents or operatives were working undercover in the January 6 crowd. When members of Congress have asked whether such agents or operatives incited violence, FBI officials have declined to answer.

A scene from Jan. 6, 2020

Sunday, we’ll have a look at the side of January 6 few are fairly covering.

January 6 participant Treniss Evans

Also this week, Lisa Fletcher continues reporting on America’s green energy crisis and the fallout. She’ll examine the situation when it comes to liquid natural gas and why it’s so critical as we move deep into winter.

And Project Censored’s Mickey Huff joins us to talk about his book “Agree to Disagree: A Critical Thinking Guide to Communication, Conflict Management, and Critical Media Literacy.” He and his co-author Nolan Higdon ask: Whatever happened to civil disagreement?

Professor Mickey Huff of Project Censored

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3 thoughts on “A Different Look Into Jan. 6; Our Energy troubles; and Agree to Disagree”

  1. This Article sounds simalar to unrest drama playing out with Prince Harry walking his Dog in Montecito, California constantly looking around over his shoulder for signs of Paul Revere on Horseback ” The British is Coming ? ” The British is Coming ?. Lighten up Man your a American now ? you want to stop the silly Drama , stop responding to media stirring up things and or keep feeding the drama and or go on the Jerry Springer show to Battle out silly family emotions ? ” Um there are other people in South Africa, Ukraine and other countries that have more emotional Trama then you having your brother making ignorant remarks and civil family disputes in life and just pushing you down ? These other people in life I mentioned have gone through real life altering Emotional Drama forever real scars from Vladimir the Terrible ? Thus this emotional outlook Tip phrase = ” New knowledge shall galvanize my sword and wisdom be my shield ! _ Wm. Andrews

  2. Anyone with sense can see that the FBI has acted with extreme Democratic partisanship over an extended period of time. The agents may be honorable, but the leadership is clearly a den of snakes, and needs to be removed. They have injured FBI’s reputation and caused serious harm to an important Federal agency – Director Wray seems particularly evasive when under oath, and seems to be yet another untrustworthy politician.
    Either get new reliable leaders who are honorable, or get rid of this cancer.

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