CENSORED: Rebel News, Davos Interviews

Rebel News conducted several blockbuster interviews at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January of 2022. In them, the correspondents asked tough questions that have been on the minds of many but have not typically been asked by the journalists who get close to these figures.

One of them was with the CEO of Pfizer (“What do you think about on your yacht, sir?”). Another was with global warming sensation Greta Thunberg (“Are you a child actor?”).

According to Rebel News, the Pfizer CEO interview was censored off all social media except Twitter.

Watch the interviews below:

The Censored
UPDATED with @RebelNewsOnline
Fight censorship; pass it on!
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Find out more about Rebel News at the link below:


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2 thoughts on “CENSORED: Rebel News, Davos Interviews”

    1. Because he is doing exactly what they want, pushing implants and advance artificial intelligence. You blame Harari but the true criminals in this, are those ‘so called smart’, not to mention extremely wealthy people trying to impose this on the world,
      Harari is just the visionary instrument the left elitists are using.

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