Covid-19 vaccine mandate continues for foreigners arriving via air

The following is an excerpt from The Vaccine Reaction.

On Jan. 4, 2023, the U.S. Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) extended its Covid-19 vaccine mandate for non-citizens and non-immigrants traveling to the United States by air until Apr. 10, 2023.

The previous mandate expired on Jan. 9. 

The U.S is one of a few countries that require Covid vaccinations when flying into US airports without the option of providing a negative SARS-CoV-2 test as an alternative to vaccination.

All other western nations have dropped their Covid vaccine mandates and travel restrictions, leaving the U.S as the only developed country requiring a proof of Covid vaccination to cross the border.

The TSA stated:

These policies are intended to limit the risk that Covid-19, including variants of the virus that causes Covid-19, is introduced, transmitted, and spread into and throughout the United States, potentially overwhelming United States healthcare and public health resources, endangering the health and safety of the American people, and threatening the security of our civil aviation system.

The extension of the Covid vaccine shot travel mandate has been controversial.

Critics say that the policy negatively impacts trade and tourism, that vaccination should be a personal choice and that the shots do not prevent infection with and transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

Jenny Beth Martin, the honorary chairwoman of Tea Party Patriots Action said:

President Biden himself said the pandemic is over so the original justification for the mandate has lapsed. Pre-pandemic, international tourism generated close to $2 trillion in U.S. economic activity, so denying entry to unvaccinated foreign guests is denying us untold billions in revenue.” She added that, “And last but not least, as a matter of principle, no one should be forced to take a vaccine against their will, whether they’re an American or a foreign guest.

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10 thoughts on “Covid-19 vaccine mandate continues for foreigners arriving via air”

  1. lora jane williams

    i am a canadian citizen with permanent US resident status since 1995…. unvaccinated… i am wondering if this includes me.. i have not attempted to travel outside of the US.. and i have been restricted to enter my home country of Canada to visit my family for over 3 years!!!! This is unreal.. Canada opened its border as of Sept 30, 2022 due to pressure from all angles…. what on earth is the US doing? Cannot believe it is being more draconian than Canada which i no longer consider a democracy but rather a totalitarian state, under the umbrella of the WEF.. this is truly very sad for democracy.. Our forefathers i am sure are turning over in their graves..if there is such a thing…

    1. We are in the same position. I wasn’t able to travel back to Canada for my Grandmother’s funeral because of both restrictions. She passed July 2022 after the not long after taking her booster shot although I don’t know if it was a factor in her death. The SK government did offer to kill her though (MAID). Canada is completely lost. We also haven’t risked the Land crossing as we have heard the USBP have denied unvaccinated travelers. And it’s a long drive from Texas. It’s clear Big Pharma controls the US government.

    2. so F1 student (6th gen canadian) with extensive family in usa, attending college in Florida takes flights into Canada YYZ to come home for Christmas then we drive him to Buffalo to take flight back to Florida for school .. is that how it works now, in 2023! who’s in charge of transportation in USA??

  2. Most of my family lives overseas. They are all unvaccinated and have been unable to travel to the USA for 3 years now. They have missed funerals , weddings and other family events. This is BS. This is unlawful. If they’re trying to coerce more people into getting those poisoned shots, it will never work.
    I have family and friends killed and injured by those horrible shots. We want the people responsible held accountable. Jail is too good for them. We want to see Nuremberg like trials.

  3. Unreal. As data continue to be amassed regarding lack of efficacy of the vaccines AND more and more instances of adverse events pile up, the idiots in our government continue the course to favor the Pharma Lobby, just as the credit card companies have done in refusing to allow Americans to use credit cards to pay for drugs (which are always cheaper, often as much as 1/2, than in America) from Canadian mail-order pharmacies. Corruption at its worst.

  4. Disgruntled Citizen

    Notice that immigrants (legal and illegal) are not bound by this. None of the people streaming across the southern border are turned back because of vaccination status — or for any other reason. Its’ all about money and control. It’s so ridiculous and sad that our government does this. All vaccine mandates and travel restrictions need to end today.

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