Google sued over ‘anticompetitive’ digital ad dominance

The following is an excerpt from The Hill.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and a handful of states sued Google over the tech giant’s dominance in the digital ad space, according to a complaint filed Tuesday. 

The case is the second antitrust lawsuit the DOJ has filed against Google, adding to the mounting legal battles from state and federal antitrust enforcers targeting the Silicon Valley giant. 

The suit was filed along with Virginia, California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Tennessee. 

“One industry behemoth, Google, has corrupted legitimate competition in the ad tech industry by engaging in a systematic campaign to seize control of the wide swath of high-tech tools used by publishers, advertisers, and brokers, to facilitate digital advertising. Having inserted itself into all aspects of the digital advertising marketplace, Google has used anticompetitive, exclusionary, and unlawful means to eliminate or severely diminish any threat to its dominance over digital advertising technologies,” the complaint states. 

A Google spokesperson said the lawsuit “attempts to pick winners and losers in the highly competitive technology sector” and “largely duplicates” claims made in a suit led by the Texas attorney general. 

“DOJ is doubling down on a flawed argument that would slow innovation, raise advertising fees, and make it harder for thousands of small businesses and publishers to grow,” the spokesperson added in a statement. 

The DOJ and states are seeking to unwind Google’s alleged “anticompetitive acquisitions” in the advertising space as part of the joint case. 

“Absent a court order for the necessary and appropriate relief, Google will continue to fortify its monopoly position, execute its anticompetitive strategies, and thwart the competitive process, thereby raising costs, reducing choice, and stifling innovation in this important industry,” the complaint states. 

The lawsuit more directly targets Google’s ad market share and dominance through deals and acquisitions related to advertising, compared to the suit the DOJ filed against the company in October 2020. 

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4 thoughts on “Google sued over ‘anticompetitive’ digital ad dominance”

  1. This article in all Fairness I believe the DOJ has them here ?. One main reason in plain sight is the latest TV commercials by Duck Duck go Browsers pointing out that ” Every thing You click on , every search you make “Google will be watching you twisting there Mustache and fluttering eyebrows !. Also in Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 they put Google hidden in Registery files in bedded in system without any obvious added Google apps noticed ??? Thus “Sure you go ahead and laugh , we be watching you ? .= The Google Registry X-files ?

    1. Bill Andrews,

      Notice how CONSERVATIVE pundits
      don’t mention ERASURE of WHITE
      faces in TV commercials—and when
      white males are represented, it’s
      almost ALWAYS with a woman of

      The Ad Council is comprised of anti-
      anti-HETEROSEXUAL communists.

      Whitey, Get A Clue !


  2. This Article and my previous sign of the times about Big techs over intrusive O.S. and apps not living up to there own privacy settings ? I offer you this insight reality ? ” The San Antonio Zoo is accepting suggestions For you to name there New tribe of Cockroaches ? Google Andoid, Microsoft , Apple Safari, Allowing other third parties to hide creep and crawl in background installing malicious marketing trackers in background and marketing reditections ( Third party Data Brokers ) and a huge security flaws into your systems as you visit various websites violating users antitrust privacy settings ??? This article summery ?. How much is cyber crimes costing America every year ? X^ that by the past 15 years..”Hmm The DOJ missing out of a lot of money in going after the people that weaponized all these devices in Poor Computer Science O.S. Servers skills . = F grade in Computer science ???

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