Exclusive: Doctors blow whistle on vaccine mandates; #TwitterFiles

Covid vaccine mandates have been subject to growing questions as it was revealed they don’t prevent transmission or illness. Congress has forced the military to reverse its mandates. And courts have ordered New York state to rehire government employees fired for refusing the vaccines.

Fallouts from the mandate policies is being felt in America’s hospital systems, which are suffering critical shortages of employees. Some medical professionals have spoken publicly against the mandates but, by and large, medical doctors have kept fairly silent.

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll have a rare group interview with doctors and other medical professionals from the first hospital system in the nation to require Covid vaccines. The hospital stands by its policies. But the seasoned professionals claim the mandates are unscientific and were unfairly applied. And more importantly, they claim there are important health implications for Americans at large.

Also, you’ve probably heard something about the Twitter files and all the documents released by Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk as he dives in to erase what he says was censorship, unfair targeting of certain people and ideas, suppression of information, and the participation of our government. 

Sunday, I’ll dig thru the Twitter Files and put it all into context… including the extensive role of the FBI and the Biden administration in shaping and slanting our information.

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7 thoughts on “Exclusive: Doctors blow whistle on vaccine mandates; #TwitterFiles”

  1. It’s quite a trying time for patients, myself included, when you read, hear and learn about all the bad things about the vaccine. But at the same time your G.P. tells you basically the opposite. Bad, makes you wonder what you should do. Who’s lying and why.

    1. Well, you can be sure of one thing…..any doctor who tells you these experimental injections are safe is simply not to be trusted now, or forever going forward.

    2. Everyone needs to watch these hearings with Senator Ron Johnson about covid and the vaccines! The hearings are long but so worth the time to watch. The first one was on 11-1-21 and starts around the 30 minute mark, here’s the link https://rumble.com/vokrf7-sen.-johnson-expert-panel-on-federal-vaccine-mandates.html The second one was on 1-24-22 and is even more informative than the first one. It starts around the 40 minute mark, here’s the link https://rumble.com/vt62y6-covid-19-a-second-opinion.html The third one was just held on 12-7-22 and starts around the 6 minute mark, here’s the link to this latest hearing https://rumble.com/v1ze4d0-covid-19-vaccines-what-they-are-how-they-work-and-possible-causes-of-injuri.html Feel free to copy and share this post and these links far and wide, the world needs to know the dangers of these vaccines!

  2. This is in reply to Jim:
    I believe the reason Docs recommended the vaccine is that other Docs (who were respected in their field) in medical journals and other places said the vaccine should be taken.
    In effect, the eagerness to get on the bandwagon, was like the enthusiasm shown by a lynch mob, ie. everyone wanted to be more enthusiastic than his neighbor. It’s why business bubbles happen, for instance the Tulip Craze of the, I believe, 17th century
    Also, the CDC and NIH (and, I believe, the FDA) recommended that the vaccines be taken; however, they lied as to the efficacy of those recommendations. Two of the top Docs (I believe it was Birx and someone else) admitted, at the end of 2022, I believe, that they had lied and misled-as to the vaccines effectiveness.
    I don’t understand, either (except, for the mob psychology that was generated) though, why GP’s would recommend the vaxs and the booster. The drug companies, who manufactured and distributed the vaccines, insisted upon and received t immunity from law suits.
    This news-flash should have been disseminated and emphasized more than it was. However, little did we know that the MainStreamMedia was also eager to participate in the mob psychology-so for this reason they, in large part, ignored this most relevant piece of information.
    I’m a Trumpster. I think he really got screwed by all the law suits and 2 impeachments, and especially the Russian Collusion (it’s recently been reported that the FBI agent in charge of the Russian Collusion investigation, himself, was colluding with Russia at that time).
    Now everyone was afraid when COVID hit in early 2021, but I don’t know if I’ll vote for Pres. Trump again unless he takes responsibility for this-perhaps necessary at the time-decision to engage in Operation Warp Speed (ie to get the vaccine-which at first was very effective to make sure the elderly didn’t die from COVID).
    The bottom line is that the vaxs and booster seem more dangerous now than COVID does.

    1. Bryan – your information on Agent McGonigal is incorrect. Retired FBI Agent McGonigal was charged for recently agreeing to provide services to a sanctioned Russian billionaire (Deripaska). Any US entity doing business with a sanctioned Russian is violating our sanctions laws. Deripaska wasn’t sanctioned until 2018, and McGonigal retired in 2018.

      He was NOT charged with any wrongdoing associated with the Trump-Russia investigation (which took place in 2016-2017). Please try to be more accurate in your reporting.

      If you think Trump was unjustly accused for the relations his campaign had with Russia – then you are doing EXACTLY the same thing to McGonigal by misrepresenting what he’s charged with – and the time-frame of his illegal acts.

  3. You characterization of a “mob mentality” among those attempting to control COVID is inaccurate. Because NO VACCINE IS 100% EFFECTIVE!! All these talking heads that spout off about the COVID vaccine not being protection against contracting or transmitting COVID, are being deceptive (or are themselves uninformed). Very early on, it was discovered that COVID vaccines are excellent protection against getting hospitalized by COVID, and definitely reduce the length and severity of the disease – and this information was widely disseminated. This is very similar to flu vaccines. The only “mob mentality” I see in the COVID debate is the politicians that don’t understand the nuances of vaccines infecting their followers with unscientific opinions.

    No vaccines are 100% effective – so Ron Johnson can truthfully say no vaccine is 100% guarantee against contracting or transmitting an illness. But its a deceptive truth. Nearly all vaccines provide SOME protection against the relevant disease. Do you want to go back to the days before polio or smallpox vaccines were available?

    Vaccines against diseases that don’t mutate very quickly have VERY high effectiveness rates – but still aren’t 100% (e.g. Polio, measles, smallpox). Vaccines against diseases like influenza, and COVID have lower effectiveness rates because its impossible to anticipate the exact strains that will be the most prevalent in the population. Most flu shots typically contain vaccines against 3-5 different strains that epidemiologists predict will be the most common strains that season (based on early cases). Some years they are more successful than others at predicting which strains will be most common. Generally, even a vaccine for a different strain of flu will provide some protection against most strains – just as COVID vaccines do.

    No one “lied” about the effectiveness of the COVID vaccines. Initially, they were more effective than they are now – because there were fewer strains, and they were more closely related. I’m pretty sure that COVID vaccines will go the way of flu vaccines, and a single shot will contain vaccines against multiple strains of COVID.

    Hospital chains have many patients who have compromised immunity (some are just compromised by being elderly or sick). They are both morally, and legally bound to do everything they can to minimize the chance of immuno-compromised contracting another illness during their hospital stays. That’s why Hospitals require their employees to be vaccinated with multiple vaccines (I just looked up the requirements for hospital closest to me – and it was about a dozen vaccines required).

    There’s just no scientific data that COVID vaccines are any more dangerous than other vaccines. ALL vaccines hold some risk (usually allergies to the contents). But the risks far outweigh the benefits to the individual, and society as a whole.

    If you want to work in a hospital setting – you have to take all the vaccines. Just like you have to wash your hands a lot, and scan every item you use on a patient. Those are the rules, and there are good reasons for those rules.

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