Food Farms vs. Solar Farms; Junk Food; Cultural Socialism

Across America, prime agricultural land is being turned into vast green energy farms.

In places where corn fields grew and cattle once roamed, there are now seas of solar arrays and windmills.

Part of the trend is possible only through your tax dollars, generously supplied to green energy producers.

Sunday on Full Measure, I’m off to Wisconsin to see the toll the trend is taking on communities, and how some are afraid it could impact America’s food supply. We’ll hear from both sides.

Also Sunday, we’ll go to Great Britain where they planned the most aggressive restrictions in the world on junk food ads in an effort to fight childhood obesity.

Photo by: i yunmai

Wait until you find out what happened before the new rules could take effect.

Sharyl in London with Eric Kaufman

And a fascinating interview with a professor who has given the Woke Wars a new name: Cultural Socialism. Find out why he says minority and fringe viewpoints seem to be taking such a hold in the media, on the news and Internet, and in society.

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4 thoughts on “Food Farms vs. Solar Farms; Junk Food; Cultural Socialism”

  1. Looking forward to your show on January 20, 2023 on Solar fields cropping up in Wisconsin. Wondering if you will address the decline in solar payments from electric companies for excess power generated by existing customers with solar systems installed. We currently are being reimbursed at rates of 7 to 17 cents per KWH and beginning 2024 it will drop to a flat reimbursement rate of 4 cents per KWH. Why wouldn’t the existing systems be Grandfathered in to keep existing generation payment rates in place. Seems the Almighty Dollar speaks to screw the small producer again. We are retired and installed our system to keep our electric costs low. That will soon end.

  2. This has become a thorn in the side of many local farmers here in Western PA. My Son and several community members have been fighting this battle with an informational campaign to our local Township/ municipal governments. They (Solar Farm businesses) are pitting land owners/ neighbors against one another. With the real possibility of destroying our local farm communities.. There are rippling effects from these solar farms that will put many of the local farmers out of business. Which will in turn damage the food supply chain. Thank you for your good work of investigating this issue.

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