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10 thoughts on “Full Measure After Hours: Solar Farms vs. Food Farms (Podcast)”

  1. Interesting article ? Different Energy results ?.New thinking Questions instead of Jets burning Kerosene , Take 78% Hydrogen + 22% NH2 and charge compress it in a Turbine engine = cleaner Hot fuels ?? And or 75% Hydrogen + 25% NOS..Crazy New Chemistry Gas fuel concepts.= “Hmm have to think about those for a while ? Might be good New test fuels to tinker with at JPL ???

  2. This article and my earlier post mind wondering about NH3 -50 % + 50% NOS fuel.. Headed for Ohm’s Burn out there in space ? Rest in peace David Crosby I always liked your music…

  3. This article and past comments summery. = “The Freedom to overcome limitations, is the expectations from Fear itself !_ Wm. Andrews Rochester, IN.

  4. Aside from the central issue of solar energy and other “green energy sources” adversely affecting farming and food supplies, a real concern, it remains at the bottom line that the basic problems with these alternative energies are that they are not efficient and they cannot provide enough power for society. Also, they require massive amounts of traditional fuels, resources & technology to produce them with a net loss of the enegy & resources needed to create and deliver them. The cost is enormous and that’s why they need to be subsidized.

    Fossil fuels create more net results, including food supplies, and are self-sustaining in free markets. In the free market, also, no one has to be tricked into eating insects.

    1. The real issue is the misuse of taxpayer money to advance a cause unilaterally. The distortion of the price mechanism means very bad actions will take place.

  5. What astounds me is that nobody seems to have thought about putting solar panel arrays over parking lots, say at Wal-Marts or the Pentagon or sports stadiums. Vast areas of otherwise limited use and the panels could provide shade in the summer and some protection from snow and ice in the winter

    While I don’t know all the issues involved with this I do know that we have the technology for 2 people (neither of whom speaks the others language) continents apart to communicate almost instantaneously, and in 1696 we put a man on the moon, Now, 50+ years later we can’t solve how to put solar panels over parking lots?

    1. Solar arrays are in some parking lots in the San Jose, CA area. They served as shade for the cars and generated power all in the same footprint.

  6. What the insane part of our rush to suppress fossil fuels is that unlike the rest of the western world countries, China is continuing on their way to build and operate a large number of coal burning plants. As companies here and elsewhere are finding that, due to the green energy mandates, the growing costs of energy is prohibitive many are and will move to China. This in turn will result in a acceleration of China’s building of coal burning plants to meet increasing energy demands. They “say” they will begin reducing carbon emissions by 2030 but does anyone want to take my bet offer that they will not do so ??

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