Justice Dept. personnel changes during Campaign 2016, Russia probe, Clinton probe

Department of Justice building in Washington DC

Updated Jan. 23, 2023: Charles McGonigal has been charged with conspiring with a sanctioned, senior Russian official. Below, you can see his hiring as head of counterintelligence in NY FBI office in Oct. 2016, just before the election of Donald Trump. That was the same month the first FBI wiretap against Trump associate Carter Page was approved thru use of a document illegally doctored by an FBI lawyer. McGonigal was also part of the FBI’s infamous spy investigation into Chinese-American scientist Wen Ho Lee. In that probe, I obtained Lee’s FBI polygraph report and showed that FBI agents lied about his polygraph to frame him. They claimed he failed it when he had passed it with flying colors. Ultimately, Lee won a settlement from the US government and some media including the New York Times, ABC, Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post.

This article was originally published in 2018.

See who was moving in or being moved out of the Justice Department and FBI during Campaign 2016, the Russia probe and the Clinton probe.

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3 thoughts on “Justice Dept. personnel changes during Campaign 2016, Russia probe, Clinton probe”

  1. You do great reporting Sheryl.

    I saw a video on the case of Congressman Steve Stockman who is currently in prison. It looks like he was railroaded and prosecuted by the Obama Admiinistration improperly. Go figure. His wife Patty is pleading for his release from prison due to the Covid19 virus because he has major health concerns. She is not getting any traction on this request. She needs help. Can you get this out into the media???

  2. Good stuff Sharyl. Question: I’m confused, Comey-promised was fired May 2017, yet the timeline continues with Comey-highlighted personnel actions. Granted, these individuals may have been hired/moved by Comey prior to his departure, yet these are still highlighted – so why?
    Recommendations: Comey needs to have a deep investigation done on him, all of his financials, all of his phone logs, social media, anything and everything. You know, the exact kind of investigation that used to be done for people to work in military intelligence, nuclear weapons, or any kind of high profile murder case. Comey is working with or for someone or some entity and he needs the full treatment, to include criminal prosecution.

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