(REPORT) New Yorkers lose access to healthcare as fiscal crises affect hospitals statewide

The following is an excerpt from HANYS.org.

Escalating care delivery costs and persistent workforce shortages are causing New Yorkers to lose access to healthcare services – and providers expect this access to further deteriorate.

A new report from New York’s state and allied hospital associations calls on policymakers to recognize this grim reality and make immediate and sustained investments and policy changes to stabilize the healthcare system.

New York’s hospital associations surveyed their members in fall 2022. Their new report, Critical Condition, explores the survey’s findings and provides context for the challenges hospitals face.

Survey findings include: 

  • 49% of hospitals report reducing and/or eliminating services to mitigate staffing challenges while ensuring their most critical services remain available for patients.
  • 100% of hospitals report nursing shortages they cannot fill; over 75% said that other key worker positions cannot be filled — directly impacting the accessibility of healthcare services.
  • 64% of hospitals report a negative operating margin (losing money when comparing care-related revenue and expenses); 85% report negative or unsustainable operating margins of less than 3%.

The severe fiscal challenges facing hospitals nationally were noted in a November 2022 Hospital Flash Report from the Chicago-based research firm Kaufman Hall.

The report found that the nation’s hospitals, including those in New York, “continue to face the significant weight of high expenses outpacing revenues, particularly when it comes to the cost of labor,” and that “the high cost of materials due to inflation has not abated.”

Kaufman Hall also noted, “As the year comes to a close, compounding months of poor performance could signal continued difficulties for hospitals in the near future.”

Read full report and key takeaways to learn more about the challenges facing New York’s hospitals.

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5 thoughts on “(REPORT) New Yorkers lose access to healthcare as fiscal crises affect hospitals statewide”

  1. Anyone who trusts our medical system after Covid 19 has no common sense. The past two years have brought out the disgraceful way our medical system has been taken over. They no longer are the “go to” for your health. They no longer have the patients best interest at heart. We had doctors administering and ordering other to administer doses of drugs that put the patient in dire dangerand in many cases causing death. Many many doctors refused to provide life saving drugs even when specifically requested by their patients. Iike Ivermectin and Hydroxicloriquin. The medical profession no longer has the patients back. No longer trusted. That is why they are in trouble. They have allowed cost and their own wealth to be the norm.

  2. I bet the CEO’s of these hospitals are not taking any pay cuts. Also, what happened to all the money hospitals received to combat COVID?

  3. The question is – How many medical professionals / hospital workers were fired because they would not take Covid experimental injections? I would guess that in New York, the answer is “many.”

  4. 6 Million illegals since Biden became President. Where do you think they are getting healthcare ?
    Who do you think is paying for it ? The hospitals aren’t getting paid for the services. They try to pass the cost on to working Americans. But since Obama care your premiums and you deductibles have skyrocketed. Now the people who used to have insurance pay the bills are having to pay out of pocket with $10,000 deductibles. Now they can’t pay either because they don’t have that kind of money. I am not defending hospitals for everything but this is a major factor in their financial condition.

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