The Court Martial of the MARSOC 3 (Podcast)

After a bar room confrontation, three Marines are charged with the homicide of a defense contractor amid allegations of unlawful command influence.

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4 thoughts on “The Court Martial of the MARSOC 3 (Podcast)”

  1. This can be covered in a brief synopsis. WADR for your journalism status, Ms. Attkkkison. Saw you in Nashville in the 1980s, I thought, This girl is going places1 I was right.

  2. nice work on this and other stories. you and guest were tough on military justice. link to trial outcome below. will you follow up? has your take on this case changed any? are you open to another perspective? as a retired Marine, if I were ever accused of a felony I would much rather be tried by my true peers on a military rather than civilian jury. experienced military personnel who have not only walked in my shoes but have been trained to evaluate situations based on the facts unemotionally.

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