After Hours: Dr. vs Pharmacist: The Power to Prescribe (Podcast)

Should pharmacists have the power to block doctor-prescribed ivermectin and other legal medicine?

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9 thoughts on “After Hours: Dr. vs Pharmacist: The Power to Prescribe (Podcast)”

  1. I was appalled by the pharmacist’s response. She matter-of-factly discounted the many studies showing the efficacy of ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19. I agree that she should point out when the dosage is clearly incorrect or if there are issues with taking some drugs together.

    She was correct that taking too much ivermectin can create significant medical issues. However, all the pharmacist would have to do is ask the doctor what the patient’s weight is to determine the dosage of ivermectin, and the pharmacist would then see if the amount prescribed is correct or too much.

    Concerning your guest, I’ll stick to trusting my doctor over someone like you. Just my opinion.

  2. I had a pharmacist at CVs refuse to fill my prescription for Ivermectin. She was not my doctor. She had never examined me. She knew nothing about my medical history or records. To have a pharmacist override your doctor should be criminal. I reported her to the VA state licensing board and they did nothing. As a matter of fact, they told me she had every right to refuse to fill the prescription. This needs to be stopped. It should be illegal.

  3. Since when is a pharmacist a medical doctor? Never. They should have no authority to override your doctor’s prescriptions.

    1. Pharmacists have always had the right to fill or reject prescriptions using their best medical/ethical judgment. It’s a built in important safety mechanism. This has come into play the last few years, with some pharmacists rejecting abortion medications on ethical concerns. It just means that individual won’t fill it – another pharmacist at the same store may, or the RX could be taken someplace else to be filled. Remember – the FDA, CDC and state regulatory agencies were placing a lot of pressure on all medical people during this time. Some were more swayed by the propaganda than others.

  4. The medical “team” is highly regulated by the government. Some states did not permit pharmacists to fill prescriptions for hydroxycholoroquine (trade name Plaquenil frequently prescribed for autoimmune diseases and considered to be a fairly safe drug) or ivermectin. If you wanted these drugs for COVID, not only did you have to find a doctor (subject to state board discipline of their licenses), you also had to find a pharmacy. People in my state went out of state or to Mexico for these. All medications have side effects and must be prescribed in appropriate dosages, and all have a risk/benefit. Andrea, the pharmacist interviewed, acknowledges this. Is that really the relevant point here? The dangers of these two medications were dramatically overhyped in the media to a degree that was absurd. But do they really work? Best review of what we know so far and things we need to investigate that I have seen is in “Questions For A COVID-19 Commission” by the Norfolk Group, February 6, 2023 by Jay Bhattacharya, MD et al. 80 pages 100% worth the read. Check it out.

  5. You also need to take into account the individual regulatory agencies. In Michigan they were pitting the pharmacist against the doctor, with the pharmacist being held liable if they didn’t report a physician who was prescribing Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquyin. Also keep in mind that the FDA and CDC were being heavy handed in dealing with all health care providers during this time. Newer pharmacists, particularly were feeling the pressure. My suggestion to any who have difficulty getting a Rx filled is to get it someplace else, or even the same pharmacy with a different pharmacist.

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  7. RFKs The Real Anthony Fauci asserts that around 20 clinical trials of HCQ were conducted, or directed and funded by vax proponents, and designed to fail. HCQ, like Paxlovid is best prescribed in the first 1-7 days of symptoms. Outpatient studies measured by Harvey Risch showed clear benefit of the HCQ cocktail (zinc,D3 and bronchial antibiotic). Later smear studies were perversely limited to inpatient (too late) and some, like the 2 British studies partly funded by Bill Gates, 4x and 6x excessive dosage of HCQ, no zinc, no antibiotic). Those are dangerous dose levels on healthy people, homicidal for people already sick. To hear the pharmacist quote “studies” like candy shows that she is projecting her good nature onto others, blissfully unaware of the scoundrels and sociopaths who infest medical leadership,

  8. I will begin by saying I 100% believe Ivermectin works and gave my family Ivermectin for livestock when I could no longer get the human equivalent.
    I am a retired pharmacist and have some insight into the reasons why events unfolded the way they did. Each state has a Pharmacy Board that licenses pharmacists in that states and set the guidelines pharmacists must follow to maintain their license. Many State Boards sent letters to pharmacists stating their licenses could be revoked for dispensing Ivermectin.
    Independent pharmacists (not chain drugs) bravely filled Ivermectin prescriptions without transmitting the prescriptions to insurance companies. Tracking of medications dispensed is done through insurance records.
    Some chain drugs stores cut off Ivermectin at the central warehouse level meaning their pharmacists could not order Ivermectin for their store. Some stores told their pharmacists they would be fired and reported to the State Board if they filled Ivermectin prescriptions for Covid.
    I graduated from Pharmacy School in 1984 and worked until the pandemic began in 2020. Until that time I do not remember the State Board regulating any medication dispensing except for narcotics that are regulated by the federal government.

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