Dr. Harvey Risch on CDC’s Plan to Code the Unvaccinated (Podcast)

Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch discusses CDC’s plan to code the unvaccinated, CDC misrepresentations, natural immunity, the vaccine’s impact on cancer, and what it’s like to go against the establishment science grain.

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5 thoughts on “Dr. Harvey Risch on CDC’s Plan to Code the Unvaccinated (Podcast)”

  1. I am not a subject of the CDC, the WHO, the government of the United States or any one or anything else. I will not comply or bow down to these tyrants. Why Congressional representatives aren’t out on the steps of the Capitol EVERYDAY telling people what is happening and fighting this nonsense just tells me they agree with it!!!

  2. Harvey is one of the best, He is also well known for his meta study skills, some of the best in the world, uses math like a thermometer.

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