FDA wants to know the results of your at-home Covid test

The following is an excerpt from Becker’s Healthcare Review.

The FDA is encouraging people to anonymously report the results of at-home Covid-19 tests to help public health officials better track virus trends.

The agency is requesting people voluntarily submit positive or negative results for every at-home test performed to the website makemytestcount.org.

This testing data can help public health departments know how fast the virus is spreading and allow them to tailor their responses accordingly, according to a Feb. 6 update on the FDA’s website

The new initiative comes as many states have sunsetted their Covid-19 case reporting, and the CDC has scaled back to updating metrics on a weekly basis.

Link to article here.

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7 thoughts on “FDA wants to know the results of your at-home Covid test”

  1. Absolutely insane! Unvaxxed, we had covid 2x and with ivm, it really was a mild virus. I personally had more severe sinus infections. Covid doesn’t warrant this kind of hysteria.

  2. I won’t take any of those tests, nor will i take the jab, I perceive the test as most false and the jab is the bioweapon and the FDA needs to be dismantled, it is far too cozy a relationship with the pharmaceuticals.

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