Power to prescribe Ivermectin & more; Russia psych out; Feds profiting from those they regulate

Covid exposed serious fault lines in a wide range of policies that are still being sorted out and debated today.

Never before have so many people been legally prescribed approved medicine, such as ivermectin, only to have their pharmacist block them from getting it.

Bill Salier and his wife were denied legally-prescribed ivermectin

Sunday on Full Measure we’ll look at both sides in the controversy over who should have the power to prescribe and withhold medicine from us.

Also, Lisa Fletcher will take a look at how Cold War tactics are being redeployed by both Russia and the US in an ongoing propaganda war. You’ll want to watch for trends are we move into the 2024 presidential election campaign.

The Kremlin, Russia’s seat of power

And the Wall Street Journal’s James Grimaldi breaks down an eye-opening investigation that reveals federal employees profiting off the companies they regulate.

Reporter James Grimaldi is on Full Measure this week

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4 thoughts on “Power to prescribe Ivermectin & more; Russia psych out; Feds profiting from those they regulate”

  1. Try an independent pharmacy, whether “compounding” or not. Because they’re independent, they don’t have to deal with Corporate telling them what to do, and have more flexibility.

    Also, I wish that Sharyl had asked the pharmacist what studies showed that Ivermectin was oh-so-dangerous for C19 patients. I’ve seen several such studies and the ones with the worst results just showed little or no benefit, not that there was actual danger. [And most of the studies that showed no benefit were hopelessly flawed because they were performed in areas where people had OTC access to IVM and regularly took it, so both the “control” and the “experiment” arms were basically the same.]

    There was an early study that seemed to show that HCQ was dangerous (the VA study — “Veterans Affairs”, not “Virginia”), but that was such a garbage study it was embarrassing it was ever published. Basically, it was a retrospective study on VA C19 patients, looking solely at those who were prescribed HCQ and whether they died or not. It didn’t take into account a lot of important information such as severity of the case, when the drug was prescribed, etc. This means that if HCQ was prescribed only as a last-ditch effort, so it was given only to those who were expected to die anyway, then it would appear as if HCQ played a role in their deaths when it didn’t. In fact, since the study looked only at whether it was prescribed and not whether it was taken, it’s entirely possible that the patient died before ever receiving the medication but was still in the “HCQ cohort”!

    1. Kathy, I agree! I would love to know what studies the pharmacist was referring to that showed ivermectin “ineffective ”

      Sharyl, can you please attach her citations? This is so important.,

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