(READ) Autopsy analysis of 2 teen boys who died days after 2d Pfizer Covid-19 shot

Autopsies were conducted on two teenage boys, one in Connecticut and one in Michigan, who died within a few days of their second dose of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine. One boy had ADD and the other was obese. The post death examinations showed that both had “global myocardial injury.”

We report the autopsy results, including microscopic myocardial findings, of 2 teenage boys who died within the first week after receiving the second Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 dose. The microscopic findings are not the alterations seen with typical myocarditis. This suggest a role for cytokine storm, which may occur with an excessive inflammatory response, as there also is a feedback loop between catecholamines and cytokines…The first week after the second vaccine dose was found to be the main risk window.”

The Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine published an analysis of results, Aug. 2022

Read the full analysis at the link below.

Autopsy Histopathologic Cardiac Findings in 2 Adolescents Following the Second COVID-19 Vaccine Dose


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82 thoughts on “(READ) Autopsy analysis of 2 teen boys who died days after 2d Pfizer Covid-19 shot”

  1. Very wealthy and, unfortunately, influential people in this world are trying to replace western civilization with some, up to now, undefined thing. it looks like their desired result will be a much smaller population on earth to report to them and look to them for succor..It remains to be seen if resistance will succeed or is too little too late.

    Those responsible for the events of this story should be held accountable. That includes the creators of this plague and the creators of this “cure.” Accountability should also include those responsible for “serving” the citizens of this and other nations. So many of them work in capacities requiring that they know better. Leaders universally like to claim that they “serve” the people.

    Many are incapable of real leadership and should be called out for it. Others are, theoretically, capable but just provide bad leadership by giving bad advice and bad direction. When their mistakes manifest, they exhaust attempts to avoid responsibility. We used to say that men accept responsibility. That is simple and so profound.

    In the 21st Century, that profound statement has expanded or should have to say that good leaders accept responsibility commensurate with their authority. Bad leaders only bask in the authority.

    I hope to survive in this vale of tears long enough to see bad leaders, regardless of their wealth, heaved through the saloon doors into the dusty street followed by their hats. They should then receive the admonition, “And stay out!”

    The other night, Tucker Carlson called Bill Gates unserious. I would add the adjective, dangerous to Gates and his ilk.

      1. Forget “gallows.” Lamp posts and a short length of piano wire are good enough. And then, leave them hanging till they rot.

    1. Well written but I prefer punishment over admonition. In the era referenced by being thrown out the saloon doors and into the street, I’m relatively sure that the public gallows would be more historically accurate.

    2. You should watch this very short YouTube video. It is of the same topic you’re ascribing to. It’s called “NO MORE POWER” by Andy Frisella

    3. “…trying to replace western civilization with some, up to now, undefined thing.”

      On the contrary, the “undefined thing” has been and is well defined. The WEF is a Marxist front organization, and most of its members and attendees are Marxists, fellow travelers or idiots looking for fame. Klaus Schwab is a long time Marxists and frequently visits China to attend meetings.
      George Soros replaced Armand Hammer as a major donor to Marxist causes.

      The focus of Marxism today in the US is in the Democrat Party, and some of its RINO members. The American Communist Party no longer fields presidential candidates because the Democrats stole their platform.
      Want to know the future actions of America’s Marxists? The theories and logic to be tried out are given a preview in the pages of the cpusa.org

      1. WEF is Composed of Fascists. K. Schwab’s father was a member of the Nazi Party in WW2. Apples usually land near the tree……

      2. NONE of the characters you mention are Marxists at all. China is no longer a Marxist country BY DEFINITION: over 60% of its wealth is derived from private enterprises. China is a country run by billionaires as is most of the rest of the world, and, of course, the WEF. They may call themselves Marxists (though I’m not sure they all do) so they can continue plundering the rest of us while slandering the name of Marx (who, of course, tried to expose such people during his own lifetime).

        1. You’re mad. Round the bend. Nazis were Marxists, China is Maoist/Marxist.
          Communism=Marxism=Socialism. They have the same beginning and the same end. Death for millions.

          1. Tahirah C Binti Abdul Razak

            Apparently the whole concept of WEF was part of Kissinger’s/CIA project whom he met while he was in Harvard. If we were to follow the money trail, it will probably lead back to a few families who manage all the wealth of the world. Their web and tentacles are just everywhere. The gallows never exactly solve a problem, short term possibly.

            Must be a mix of boredom and delusions driven by greed and power/mental illness, the lizard part of the brain, although they believe they’re superiorly conscious compared to us everyday people.

    4. I agree with you. What I don’t understand is why kill off all the sheep? Now they will have only the wolves left. We don’t play nice. We don’t trust easily. We don’t cow down to anyone. So why work so hard to kill off their base, their protection, their suppliers? Its not like we will work hard to feed them. Not gonna happen.

      1. Do your research on transhumanism. AI and genetic engineering will have the sheep implanted with chips to serve the wolves… they will be content in a metaverse sustained on bugs free of personal responsibility because their humanity will be obsolete.

      2. THey’ll also try to kill the non vaxed off. Now that they know they can get away with germ warfare, they’ll never stop.

    5. The satanic cabal of billionaire elites know they cannot control 6+ billion people…

      Those same elites have used race, religion, politics, sexual orientation and now our personal health decisions (vaXXXcines) against each other to divide and conquer… United, we out number them 1000/1 and they know that, we’d kick their asses if we could ever unite under a common cause (it’s coming)…

      By reducing the world population to 800,000 million or less (Georgia Guidestones) With the majority of people left remaining on earth being Asian (haven’t known freedom) the satanic billionaire elites could easily control the world and they know that too…

      Covid-19 was never about the virus, C19 was the means to get to the VaXXXcines which has nothing to do with a cold/flu virus and everything to do with depopulating the earth through mass genocide and murder by Big Pharmaceuticals.

      What did God advise us to do in the “generation of the fig tree” (turns 75 years old in May) Do the opposite of what the masses are doing and you’ll be right every time… but hey, who reads the Bible or listens to God these days? I do!

      1. 100% agree about it not being about the virus, (which, lets not forget happened to be created in a lab under Fauci and he acted as though he didn’t know what we weee dealing with) but about depopulation! I had this exact discussion with a friend last night. If people think about it and break it down, they will start to understand it. For instance, we have for some time, been able to target a specific cell with chemotherapy and this entire COVID 19 things has been designed the exact same way. In discussing this my friend, she began to see how it is possible when I broke it down like that.

    6. Too many lack the courage to name the problem directly. It’s the satanists who want
      to terminate the nonsatanists to obtain their dystopia-utopia of themselves alone with their insane god, and they artificially manufacture their labor pain constrictions against the nonsatanists to begin their understated “depopulation” whereas when their boss satan does his real constriction (“tribulation”) it’ll be definitive and worse than the Flood he did was. But the nonsatanists have been ransomed from death and these will be resurrected and gathered together with the witnesses of the testimony and evacuated from among the satanists who, having seen these and their own defeat, will get what they wanted, a thousand year reich with their poor choice, satan. If you didn’t read this in your bible it’s because the satanists altered it with their scribes and their shorthand coding, ask CATSS, they know about it.

    7. The green avenger

      The other night, Tucker Carlson called Bill Gates unserious. I would add the adjective, dangerous to Gates and his ilk.

      Not to mention pedophile and liar….

    8. Hi, the billionaires have been trying to impose a fascist bankers dictatorship for over 100 years now. After the defeat of the third Reich by the Soviets and exposure of their death camps they admitted (Jullian Huxley) that approach would be unthinkable and the goal was to make it thinkable again – hence “covid” injections and Holocaust 2.0…

    9. One problem, of the two nurses in our family one is in lockstep with the government, the other has warned about the dangers of the experimental jab. yup, problems in the family.

    10. Adm9nition? I say not. Anyone associated with WEF, NIH, CDC, NIAID, FDA, any Pharmaceutical company to name just a few should be dragged out not by their hat but by their flesh at which time they should be dropped in vats of acid or some other horrifying death. They are responsible for the Godless suffering and deserve to be at one in the afterlife with Satan. They should know no peace.

    1. True. So many coroners refused to do autopsies in 2021. Still astonishing how powerful and coercive the funding has been and continues to be.


      Sure. Autopsies have been done around the world in different countries, but often the articles written aren’t published on main-stream media. A similar thing happened to a senior in Germany who died of the shots nearly 2 years ago, without getting Covid-19. His organs were full of Vaccine Spike Proteins.
      Now in Germany the government is alarmed at the high rates of V.A.I.D.S (Vaccine Acute Immune Deficiency Syndrome) amongst younger ages that have received boosters. THE ALARM BELLS SHOULD BE RINGING! THIS IS A GLOBAL CATASTROPHE TAKING PLACE! No one can say, we were not told. Good Shepherds like: Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Molone, Dr Bagdi, Dr Van Den Bosche & Dr McCullough all warned of problems ahead. They were expelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’.
      Health Departments are now making people not progressing with booster feel ‘guilty’ that they are responsible for transmission and climbing death numbers? No, the dangerous ones are the ‘sick’ people in government who are promoting ‘failing vaccines’.
      These so-called vaccines (experimental products) are leaking, transmitting, shutting down immune systems, damaging cells & sending people over the edge. ANY DOCTOR ADMINISTERING THESE SHOTS IS PARTICIPATING IN A CRIMINAL ACT, CONSIDERING THE OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE AT HAND.
      May God help us all. Very dark times ahead….

      1. I have been saying, literally for years, that doctors who advocate for the the vaccine are guilty of malpractice at least and murder at best. At this point these doctors have doubled down at their peril. The proof is becoming so overwhelming that the MRNA shots can no longer be recommended by ANY rational DR.

  2. It seems the media and big pharma are in a feedback loop. They say there is no evidence and these are basless claims as none of this has been verified. Yet, they never take a step to verify if something is true or false if its at all posssible that it could be true. If you brought this case to them they would say that this is incredibly rare and tragic but the vaccine is still safe and effective.

  3. Sophistry, agenda driven lies and the false usurpation of the moral high ground are hallmarks of the plutocratic oligarchy.

  4. How would the examiner know this? “The first week after the second vaccine dose was found to be the main risk window.” What about all those who die weeks or months after the second dose?

  5. They tested tissues for SARS-CoV-2 (negative) but not for spike proteins. This should be done while tissue samples remain.

  6. Sheriffs in every county should be getting warrants to examine all these new military grade cell towers. The vaccinated and others are in danger. See if they can be used as weapons. Also I am tired of having chemical trails spraying me like a bug pretty much every day. One more thing please have someone round up the drug companies Monkeys and their handlers who are shedding the gain of function viruses before they kill us all. Thank you

    1. The Green Avenger

      Better stock up. I hear there’s going to be a tinfoil shortage due to Bidet’s messing up the supply chain.

      1. How did you know I have a bidet? I hope it’s not my fault the supply chain got hosed when I had it shipped. Conspiracy or coincidence? Pry away from your devices and look up in the sky, those are not condensation trails. They may have tin in them but, for your and my sake, I hope it’s not round up.

        Also do you know where I can invest in LED trucks like the one Project Veritas used out front of Phizzzeeerrr. Where exactly are these monkeys being directed to mutate? Too much to ask that we make it a priority to find them? I bet they don’t use bidet’s, so no worries there.

  7. WW3 is underway, and its being fought in the bodies of the vaccinated. Estimated 600,000 excess deaths in 2021 alone is more than the 10 year death toll of the Vietnam War, the day of 9/11, and the five year death toll of WW2 combined. There’re no ripped apart bodies on a bloody beach or on a New York sidewalk, no heads atop North Vietnamese stakes, just coincidental anecdotes of sudden death, sad, but not worthy of turning our heads away from the war in Ukraine or the Super Bowl or the ever increasing price of eggs.

  8. The autopsies being performed are private and paid for. Median price approximately $8,000.00
    An amount the average American family cannot afford.
    I’m grateful to those with the discretionary funds to have an autopsy done on their deceased loved ones and the courage to share the results.
    May the perpetrators of this diabolical plan;

  9. Thank you so much for your unending search for the unaltered facts. Now more than ever seeking out the truth no matter the narrative is of the highest calling. Again Thanks for all your effort.

  10. The Global elite want to wreck every advancement in civilization and reduce the world to a two class 3rd world $hit-hole depicted in the movie Elysium

  11. All part of the master plan dear sheeple. Sadly nothing short of Divine intervention can stop them now.
    Satan’s greatest trick was to convince the sheeple he wasn’t real. He did so and hence is kicking butt.
    Review the 3 secrets of Fatima for a primer.

  12. “Do not be deceived:. “God is not mocked. What ever a man sows, that he shall also reap” Galatians 6:7-9. Vs. 8:. “The one who sows to please his flesh, from the flesh reap destruction l; but the one who does to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life”.

  13. From the embedded link, https://meridian.allenpress.com/aplm/article/146/8/925/477788/Autopsy-Histopathologic-Cardiac-Findings-in-2
    we have this:
    The Connecticut Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and the Michigan Institute of Forensic Science and Medicine investigate all unexpected and unnatural deaths in their respective jurisdictions: Connecticut and the Michigan counties of Alcona, Gladwin, Huron, Lapeer, Ogemaw, and Saginaw.”
    Are these the only two “unexpected and unnatural deaths” over all of 2020-2022?
    I doubt it.
    This leaves the possibility of “unexpected and unnatural deaths” being ascribed to C19 – so they become “expected and natural” during the C19 era.
    It also could mean that there are thousands of deaths following C19 mRNA injections that were not autopsied from Jan 2021 onwards and were instead ascribed to C19.
    Of course, those that were misdiagnosed as having SARS-COV2 virus and instead had bronchial pneumonia, for example – treatable with antibiotics – were denied such treatment and were instead ascribed to death with C19.

  14. Sad, but the parents did it to the children and no one else. Many parents are obsessed with covid theatre and subjected their kids to it and now they are gone.

    So why the moderation/censorship of my two previous posts about
    this report.

  16. All the doctors, nurses, PA’s, employers, Presidents, Pharmaceutical Companies, Government Agencies, Politicians, teachers and anyone else that mandated or administered a Covid Death Shot must hang by the neck until dead for Crimes Against Humanity. All of them – no exceptions.

  17. I am afraid than many more will have to die suddenly in order for the inert mass of bohemians in this nation to take notice. If the media highlighted these deaths similar to what they reported on with the “cases” of Covid disease, a 24-hour relentless non-stop running total on every TV screen, then the nation would awaken to the peril that was forced upon us in a matter of days. It is the media that has made all this possible, trust in the media has betrayed the people.

  18. You know there is a problem when the vaccines escape scrutiny and normal testing protocols through “emergency” authorization. Given the total exhaustion of the COVID pandemic, there is no basis to continue issuing experimental medication under emergency authorization. The Vaccine debacle raises many issues: (1) Who really controls our government; (2) The corruption of government; (3) the fascist interplay between government, corporate elites and the corporate-controlled media.

    We have reached a state now where they can issue poisonous vaccines without proper testing and literally push us to nuclear war with the Russians without any meaningful debate in the major media or even on the floor of Congress. The Republic is doomed.

  19. What a horrible and avoidable tragedy; is saying something is “safe and effective” all the public health authorities required to do? We are all screwed

  20. This Article 2-Boys passed away from Myocardial complications, it’s more suspected in this article that the metabolic complications could be the cause here as a result from UN-foreseen results from Chem Mol changes contributed from Pfizer shot + erythritol ( C4 H10 O4 ) in Adverse metabolic reactions in some.. [ In Some Genetic Genome marker people ] ” Who’m had no idea they was using this in some products erythritol causing rare side effects in some Metabolic adverse reactions with Pfizer vaccine in Myocardial complications ?? I Would have Pfizer science Lab check into what I’m telling you in some people’s Genetics = rare side effects at Best ? ( It’s Alway’s interesting Here sometimes to visit your website and see what New Articles are Fluttering Sharyl Attkisson’s Eyebrows Today ? ) This Reply posted from Bill A._ “Area 15 Indiana ” Rochester, IN. ” Where New physics Happened since 1980

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