(UPDATED) The hidden Covid-19 vaccine-injured

The following is a news analysis first published in 2021 and 2022.

This message from the family of a 14-and-a-half year old girl, Sarah Blattner, who died after getting the Covid vaccine.

“At 14.5 my daughter received the Pfizer vaccine for Corona. It was important for us to give her the vaccine due to low lung capacity due to scoliosis (spinal curvature) that developed from a young age (because of an oncological disease from which she suffered up to two years old). Ten days before the vaccination she underwent surgery that was supposed to improve her leg rest and her posture. It is important to understand that immediately after the same surgery she went and everything was fine. A week after the vaccine she suddenly couldn’t stand or walk and the doctors who tested her said it was a neurological phenomenon related to the vaccine and it would pass. And yet, she worked and restored great within two months. On October 12th [2021] she came back from school, I was shopping with her and she went to sleep. At 4am I walked into her room, she couldn’t fall asleep so I covered her in a blanket and stayed with her until she fell asleep. At 8:30 am I walked into her room and she was no longer alive. Only then did I remember that a few days ago she complained about strong heartbeats and I thought she was probably stressed because of school. I didn’t think for a moment that there was a problem with her heart. There never was. Doctors said she probably had a heart attack or something electrical in her heart. We didn’t agree on the post-death opening. 14 and 9 months old was in her death. A beautiful and talented girl, she had a YouTube channel and Tik Tok and Instagram. 5 days before she died she recorded a video of her telling her “immune story”. I’m sure this isn’t a case and that’s also why it’s important for me to hear her story. I don’t want it to be for nothing, I don’t wish it to happen to other kids. This material should not be given to children in any way. This is simply a mistake. Please listen to me and my daughter’s story. Please.“

Video of Sarah is posted at this link.

14-year-old Sarah Baltner died after her Covid-19 vaccination

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(Nov. 10, 2021) Two new ads have been released by a group advocating for the Covid-19 vaccine-injured, largely being censored in the media.

Angelia Desselle:

Shawn Skelton:

Letter to Dr. Fauci from Vaccine Safety Research Foundation:

WASHINGTON, DC, NOVEMBER 9, 2021 – Angelia Desselle and Shawn Vidiella are just two of the thousands of victims injured by the COVID-19 vaccines whose lives have been upended.  The two moms, both pro-vaccine, are spotlighted in a new television and social media ad campaign that launches today.  In an emotional plea (see letter below), they have requested an in-person meeting with both President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the President’s top medical advisor. 

Neither Desselle nor Vidiella had prior conditions before taking the vaccine.  Yesterday, Desselle testified in front of the Louisiana state legislature Health and Welfare Board with the Louisiana Department of Health on vaccine injury.  Typical of the lack of attention those with vaccine injuries receive, the Director of the Louisiana Department of Health and other staff got up and walked out as Desselle began her testimony.   

The educational ads were created and paid for by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, a pro-vaccine non-profit with concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“The Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) presents the most up-to-date and relevant information on COVID-19 policies free from corporate press, agenda-driven narratives, and sponsorships with conflicts of interest.  We encourage questions and an open dialogue of transparency on any medical and scientific information presented.”

Angelia and Shawn’s letter to President Biden and Dr. Fauci is below.

November 9, 2021

The Honorable Joseph R. Biden
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci,

We represent thousands of Americans who, like us, have been severely injured by the COVID-19 vaccines.  We are pro-science.  We are pro-vaccine.  Most of us have been ignored by the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, vaccine manufacturers, and the media, as if we do not exist.  

As two mothers, we humbly request a meeting with both of you in the hopes that an in-person meeting will result in an acknowledgment that we exist and help smash the disinformation echo chamber that the vaccine-injured are not real.  Some of those injured are, in fact, children.  As parents, we hope that you might be able to relate.

We stepped up to do our part to help put an end to the horrific pandemic facing our nation and the world.  We are real people whose lives have been completely devastated by our deteriorating health conditions after we followed your recommendations and trusted the science regarding the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines. 

We listened to you, President Biden and Dr. Fauci, as you told us these vaccines were safe. Unfortunately, they were not safe for everyone. We desperately need your help for medical treatment, acknowledgment of the adverse reactions that have occurred, and a plan for prevention so that no one else is forced to live the way we do every day. 

Please sit down with us. Review our medical records for yourselves, and let’s get a plan of action together for all those suffering from severe neurological and physical issues because of the COVID-19 vaccines. We deserve quality healthcare. We do not deserve to be dehumanized. 

COVID-19 has divided us. We used to stand together as one as a nation, supporting each other. Now, those injured increasingly feel ignored and persecuted. Regardless of your vaccine status, no one should have to suffer the way we have.  Please meet with us.


Angelia Desselle                                                                Shawn Vidiella

cc: Anthony S. Fauci

      Chief Medical Advisor to the President

      MD, NIAID Director, NIH

Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

Additional previous posts

Many pro-vaccine people who have been injured after Covid-19 vaccination say their stories are being hidden by many in the media and ignored by public health officials.

Suspicion has been created by the one-sided nature of reporting and advice from many in media and public health when it comes to Covid-19 vaccine.

By failing to acknowledge the injuries or the proven power of natural immunity, the officials are responsible for undermining their own credibility.

Meantime, advocates are working hard to get out the stories of those who have suffered adverse event reactions to Covid-19 vaccine.

The acknowledgement of vaccine injuries is neither pro- nor anti-vaccine at its core; in fact, all of those claiming injuries were, of course, “pro-vaccine” since they got vaccinated in the first place. It is simply information that is necessary for people to make informed judgements about what is right for them and their families.

Click here to watch an expert panel of testimony at a forum held by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin).


The Censored

Cody Flint, airline pilot from Cleveland, MS who accumulated 10,000 hours of flight time diagnosed with left and right perilymphatic fistula, Eustachian tube dysfunction, and elevated intracranial pressure following Pfizer vaccination

Ernest Ramirez, father from Austin, TX whose only son collapsed playing basketball and passed away from myocarditis following Pfizer vaccination

Ernest Ramirez’s only son collapsed playing basketball and passed away from myocarditis following Pfizer vaccination

Amy and Abby Alvo, family from Los Angeles, CA whose daughter suffered adverse reaction from first dose of Pfizer vaccine, having been denied a medical exemption twice, she will be kicked off her collegiate cheer team if she is not fully vaccinated

Doug Cameron, farm operations manager from Idaho, permanently paralyzed following vaccination

Kyle Werner, professional mountain bike racer from Boise, ID diagnosed with pericarditis following vaccination

Suzanna Newell, triathlete from Saint Paul, MN diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and reliant on a walker or cane to walk following vaccination  

Kelly Ann Rodriguez, young mother from Tacoma, WA reliant on walker following vaccination

Maddie de Garay, 12-year old Pfizer clinical trial participant from Cincinnati, OH confined to wheelchair and feeding tube

Brianne Dressen, Astra Zeneca clinical trial participant from Utah, co-founded react19.org, a patient advocacy organization dedicated to increasing awareness of adverse events

Dr. Joel Wallskog, orthopedic surgeon from Mequon, WI diagnosed with transverse myelitis following Moderna vaccination

Shaoun Barcavage, suffered painful neurological damage after Covid-19 vaccination

Dr. Theresa Long, a senior U.S. Army flight surgeon and whistleblower who saw numerous pilots sickened after Covid-19 vaccine and warned that they could die in mid-air from vaccine side effects.

Previous post about Maddie:


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85 thoughts on “(UPDATED) The hidden Covid-19 vaccine-injured”

  1. ….and how many of them would have died from COVID if they caught it, maybe none! OMG, the parents guilt for allowing their children to be poisoned!

    1. It’s a poison from snakes. There’s a video on the Tube right now and is terribly scary what is being done

  2. I have a friend who began having chest pains after the first shot and went to RR. Was sent to heart Dr. Who told her he had seen significantly more heat patients with heard problems. Her de-dimer was elevated also

  3. Thank you for having the.courage to post this. Although it looks like no one is listening, if we continue to press the issue, someone will eventually listen. My heros are those who came forward to share their stories and people fighting to get this information out despite an apparent conspiracy to hide it.

    1. Yes she has courage to post this . Thank God for Sheryl. I believe it is important to email, and mention her work, and especially this one since it is my understanding that what they are doing is beyond the body, and is the battle for the Human Soul due to the that the shots are subject EMF, and subliminally controlled since these People are now patented trans-humans that have an ID that has been shown in a Russian video to be true. Real Mind Control Zombie’s for the Elite like the World Economic Forum. Glad to have learned from Martin Armstrong at ArmstrongEconomics.com that 20% of the World Bankers are not going along with this take over of our entire lives. In the past few months a well to due Preacher formed his own business network to help those that being targeted by those that do no allow Us to have an opinion or voice it. I am not sure who that was at this point in time, but I hope to find it before they shut us all out their system of acquiring our basic needs, and entrepreneurship in our creative Spirit to unfold. Thank You All!!!???????❤️??

    1. The unpatriotic, immoral, unethical Ronald Reagan signed the law that exempts the pharmaceutical industry from being sued for making/distributing bad drugs/vaccines.

    2. Never take shots of any kind no flu or any shot’s it’s putting poison into you . please this is a very important for you all to listen very simple message. As simple as I can make this. Babies should never get shots either. .. we do not have any good actors in the medical profession except those white coat doctors. That’s it .

  4. I think the vaccine makers should be held accountable for any and all injuries caused by the vaccine they shouldn’t be shielded from lawsuits

  5. Thank you so much for your reporting on this Sharyl. I am vaccine-injured but this is not about me. Your first Kyle Warner video you published in your newsletter was what brought React19 Covid Research.Org to my attention and that Kyle would be testifying at this hearing. I have many similarities to his injuries – although not heart – terrible exacerbation of pre – existing autoimmune condition plus “new” arthritis conditions that are escalating. Dealing with a doctor that thinks I’m just a 67 year old year old woman who doesn’t realize I am getting older. I am however, an optimist and know I WILL eventually recover. If my doctor could just live a minute in my body he would understand. I’m a record keeper & know the link to my decline started 1 1/2 months after J & J vaccine, no other explanation. Wouldn’t have mattered which one I took though – it is in the delivery system of these vaccines. Thank you again for your unbiased, honest reporting.

  6. I think we need to revisit the decision to hold them accountable since there’s been a massive, world-wide clinical trial with massive adverse events. In a true clinical trial how many deaths do they consider acceptable? How many adverse events do they cover up in a normal trial?

  7. I am not antivax, I am anti-government forcing me to be a lab rat. The facts are being squelched, people are being paid or coerced and threatened to take a “new technology” jab. In rural south western Oregon, our medical care providers are quitting rather than take the jab. I wonder what they know? Hmmmm. I am over weight and over 70, I’ll take my chances.

    1. Vaughn, just be sure to take the recommended supplements to help keep you healthy and your immune system up to par. Everything recommended is available in drug stores over the counter of course, at Walmart, or online, and the prices are reasonable. I bought them for four people, and the two that got the virus did just fine. My husband and I have not gotten the virus. Good luck to you.

      1. I had over 40 family members that got covid and I made sure everyone got the supplements and most also went to doctor and got some prescribed meds. None went to hospital and most went back to work after a week or so..

  8. Firstly, Sharyl Attkisson–thank you for your continued legit journalistic efforts in this time of propaganda intel warfare. Will we ever have a legit mainstream Free Press in our lifetimes?
    Secondly, I take issue with your poll and the manner in posing the question, “Is the pandemic over?”
    Of course it’s not over–because it was never a ‘pandemic’ in the first place. How can anything ‘be over’ if it was never what the mass media/governmental/corporate told us was so? We the people have been lied to and deceived and threatened and locked down for the last 2.5 years or more. The facts have become more transparent due to the courageous actions of journalists and citizen journalists, and doctors, nurses and scientists who have endured chastisement(and loss of career!) and deliberate censorship imposed by powerful interests. As the saying goes: “It’s not science if you can’t question it!” Need I bring to your attention the testimony of Dr Zelenko, Dr. Robert Malone, Michael Yeadon(former Pfizer VP–please read:https://dreddymd.com/2021/10/18/pfizer-vp-clear-evidence-fraud-95percent-covid-vaccine-efficacy-claim/), Dr Ruby…and the list is a very long one. Tony Fauci(who is not a doctor)has a blemished history with obvious conflicts of interest– now in the limelight. RFK, jr’s recent book, ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’, should be required reading by all of our representatives, and yet–I profess to remain a cynic with regard to too many politicians who are compromised and profiting from their stake in the Pharma racket. Getting back to the poll question–one of the answers not listed might’ve been: The pandemic will never be over because it is more advantageous politically and financially to create the next one, and next one, and next one into infinity and support the agenda of the global health-security state(or rather: the health-INSECURITY-state of mind.)

      1. I think that high-profile journalists like Ms Attkisson have to be very careful in creating a strategic release of verifiable data –especially when dealing with the scam-demic crimes against humanity. The deep dark state is a nasty beast, and Ms Attkisson has already had her very own computers infiltrated by these naztis.

  9. Jeffrey Lawrence Olson

    Unfortunately, short lists like these will be dismissed as extraordinarily “RARE” events. But when you look at the actual official numbers, they are chilling. By far the most deadly vaccines in human history.

    1. That is just not accurate. Who has died from these vaccines? Not a single person in this article or that I have seen documentation of.

      1. More than 18,000 vaccine-related deaths have been reported to the VAERS (CDC) system.; the son of the man in the photo above was one of them. And do you consider things like paralysis and nerve damage to be minor? Are you one of those chest-thumpers who say, “I had the shot and I am fine!” Well, the world is larger than you. Guess what? – millions who’ve had Covid can say the same – the VAST MAJORITY (99%) of people who had Covid can say that, but that doesn’t mean that Covid can’t cause serious illness and death for some.

      2. You are kidding, right? Paralysis, serious heart conditions, strokes, are not serious enough for you? And, yes, many deaths have resulted from the so called “vaccines”. You can defend taking as many vaccines as you wish, but don’t condemn those who choose not to get one. And now, I am hearing more and more cases of kidney failure in healthy people who got the “vaccine”.

  10. My ex-wife had the worst migraine of her life following her second shot. A shop-owner told my girlfriend that she personally knows two nurse who suffered from the vaccines: one was paralyzed over half of her body, the other began experiencing weird physical sensations, as if her bones were growing soft like putty. I also know of two relatively young men (60ish) who recently died of heart attacks, but I don’t know their vax status. Both were fairly active, and neither were obese.

  11. I’ve been seeing an ad for a new flu vaccine that contains the usual caveats about side effects and categories of people for whom the vaccine is not recommended. To my knowledge, the Covid vaccines are the ONLY vaccines/medicines for which the usual precautions have been swept aside, and – despite the fact that they are new and were rushed into production, and despite all of the adverse reactions being reported – they are being forced on everyone regardless of need or pre-existing conditions. Something very weird is going on.

  12. I had the paranoid (maybe) hunch that they’re not giving everyone the full poison the first time around. They’re giving many saline or something innocuous – it allows them to “hide” the deaths and injuries better So they can say “most people” won’t be killed or injured by the vaxx, just like “most people” won’t be killed or injured in auto accidents today. So what are you afraid of, nazi? (/sarc)

    But as we see, it doesn’t stop at 2 shots. We’re up to 2 boosters now. How many boosters will you need? A yearly or semi-annual booster? And each round of the boosters will take out more recipients. But you’re stupid so you forget how many were killed or injured by this garbage in the earlier rounds.

    All this to ‘protect” you against a virus with a 99% survival rate in most age groups.

    And remember 40 years ago, the gov’t forced the withdrawal of the swine flu vaccine after like 25 deaths nationally. We’re already over 17,000 with this one, and those are just the ones they acknowledge. They don’t count people who die within 2 weeks of taking the vaccine as a vax-related death, they count it as a COVID death.

    Something is happening here, but you don’t know what it is, do you Mr. Jones? But they’re trying to tell you it ain’t even happening.

    1. I do think something very evil is going on. What you say may well be what they are doing. I know any trust I once had as a naive younger woman in our government agencies is completely 100% gone.

  13. Cases like these typically get scant media attention if any at all, but just let someone get sick after taking too much Ivermectin, or after refusing the vaccines: THOSE are published – even celebrated – far and wide.

  14. I see so many of these testimonies and feel validated, but I get so sad and angry that nothing is being done to help us. Doctors don’t want to admit that it’s vaccine related. After a gazillion tests I was finally sent to a neurologist. The neurologist said he had some of the same symptoms as I had, but his only lasted one day. He said it is possible it is vaccine related that everyone is different and everyone responds differently to the vaccine. It was enough for me to feel validated, but it was not a definitive answer so not even my husband will admit it is vaccine related and he is the one who has been caring for me. I feel so alone in this fight. My friend and husband say what does it matter to have a label? I just want them to take some responsibility and admit it and start working on a cure or at least so others can be informed of what can happen. The fact remains that before the vaccine I was able to walk just fine and after the vaccine I can barely walk, have brain fog, legs hurt, toes are numb, weakness all over, and fatigue.

  15. CORONAVIRUS Published 4 hours ago
    FOX:OSHA vaccine mandate asserts those who had COVID-19 still face ‘grave danger’ from virus
    The report helps explain OSHA’s recommendation for a vaccine mandate


    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a report in which it explains that even if a person had COVID-19, they face significant danger from the virus.
    As part of recommending the mandate, OSHA re-examined the risks of and associated with coronavirus reinfection.

    The agency concluded that while “the science is evolving,” the current data is not enough to save individuals from “grave danger” of exposure to and reinfection from the coronavirus.

    A considerable number of individuals who were previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 do not appear to have acquired effective immunity to the virus,” OSHA wrote in a lengthy report, citing research conducted by multiple studies over this past summer. “The level of protection afforded by infection-induced immunity appears to depend on the severity of individuals’ infections.”

    One study from Greece compared immunogenicity between vaccinated healthcare workers and unvaccinated patients with natural infection: The researchers found unvaccinated individuals developed immunity that corresponded with the severity of their infection, with the vaccine providing protection 1.3 times greater than the most critical infections, 2.5 times greater than moderate cases and 10.5 times greater than asymptomatic or mild infections.

    This correlates with other studies, such as a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that found unvaccinated individuals were twice as likely to face reinfection as were vaccinated individuals.

    1. You are cherry picking. Other studies, such as the one from Israel, have found the opposite. Without seeing the methodology, it’s impossible to assess whether the studies you cite are even valid. The studies on HCQ, for example, were worthless because the people they used were hospitalized, having had covid long enough for the virus to have left their bodies, leaving the damage behind but nothing for the HCQ to do; it must be taken early on to be effective. So many “scientific” studies are worthless for such reasons that one has to be very skeptical.

    2. Does the study indicated if the previously infected were actually sick? PCR tests cycled at 40 have a greater than 90% false positive rate. Many so called asymptomatic people did not actually have COVID. They just tested positive. It is certainly an issue in regards to natural immunity. At the same time, many immune compromised or elderly (about 30%) do not develop immunity to COVID after the jabs. Some jabbed people have no immunity 6 weeks after taking the jab.
      There are 90 recent studies that do not support the data you provide. There are many false studies. The point is… you need to read the actual studies and know who funded them.
      Fox is not a credible news source.

    3. While it is true that Cat has cherry-picked the data, the same can certainly be said of SA who has posted about the Israeli study showing COVID survivors to be more immune but has not written a word about the CDC study (or any other study) that has shown the opposite. Take your complaints about selective citing of studies up with her. And, of course, those who claim that some study was flawed in some way are also engaging in cherry-picking by deciding to discard or downplay the studies that showed something other than what they wanted it to show.
      Let’s face it. These various studies have shown mixed results. My uneducated guess is that the wide variety of the immune system response in the overall human population means that some COVID survivors are indeed more immune – and some are less immune. But that whole argument seems almost pointless. Unless COVID survivors want to claim that their immunity is permanent, what path is there to recharge their immune system except by getting sick again (and increasing the risk of infecting others)? That seems like a never-ending story.

  16. Vaccines have saved an incredible amount of lives. The fact that there have been a dozen people with adverse side effects (even if questionable), doesn’t change the fact that vaccines have been helpful versus hurtful by multiple orders of magnitude.

    1. Wait as second, Harry How do you know that lives were saved? Did people that got shot and survived have a mark on body that they should die of Covid if don’t get shot?
      Please, check what happened at festival in Texas where were only vaxed.
      World currently in unbelief how many people there got heart attack when music started. And you can find some researches that talk about graphene oxide (that is in this shot) when some sounds or EMF contact it.
      Also, do you know that this year dearth of all cases in US 18% higher then numbers in prev years? Well, they did not die because of shot (who knows?) but possible because of shot And more, currently in hospitals more vaxed then not vaxed. Looks like shot did not help all.

    2. Adding to Brian’s response, the cases Sharyl listed are approximately 0.00015% of the adverse events and deaths that have been reported. A Harvard study estimated that reports to the VAERS system (which were never, pre-Covid, considered unreliable), constitute between 1 and 10 percent of actual adverse events from vaccines. Do the math.

    3. That’s not true. The VAERs database is under reported by 99%. The 17,000 deaths and 850,000 injuries reported are just a small total of the experimental gene therapy injuries. The risk/benefit ratio is too high for younger and healthy populations. The only people that should consider taking the jabs are the people who are at a high risk of COVID death or severe injury from the dis-ease and even then it is questionable. The majority of people would be better off monitoring their blood oxygen levels and how they feel and then starting early treatments when conditions warrant a response. The most successful approach is to stay out of the “hospitals”.

    4. How does Mr. Seaward know that many lives were saved? I assume that he looked at the data. Here’s a sampling of headlines from the past two months (obtained by searching for “percentage of COVID cases in unvaccinated”) (Note: These articles cover somewhat different time frames or different geographic areas):
      1) The chance that a fully vaccinated person with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 will be admitted to hospital is 17 times lower than for a non-vaccinated person. The chance of ICU admission for a fully vaccinated person is 33 times lower.
      2) Vaccine effectiveness against hospital admission in the age group of 70 years and older is 89%.
      3) 97 percent of New Hampshire COVID cases are unvaccinated
      4) Vaccines Work: 97% of COVID Deaths, 95% of Hospitalizations and 94% of Cases are Among Unvaccinated Pennsylvanians
      5) Unvaccinated 20 times more likely to die from COVID-19: Texas study
      6) Texas Says Over 80% Of September’s Covid Deaths Were Among Unvaccinated
      7) CDC Study: Unvaccinated Individuals Are 11 Times More Likely to Die From Covid-19
      There were no stories that said that the unvaccinated were better off (defined as less likely to get COVID or suffer from it less).
      The overall message is that the vaccines are reducing the risk from COVID. Perhaps there is another way of interpreting all of the recent epidemiological data, but I can’t see it.
      There is certainly a risk from the vaccines as there is with any medication. And it can be argued that not enough attention has been given to those injured. But unless someone has proof that the number of serious injuries has truly been massively underreported, the data clearly shows the benefits of the vaccines.

    5. The issue is not the good that vaccines have done, but that people are forced to take them against their wills. Why do fit and healthy young people need a vaccine when they are at very low risk of the disease itself.

  17. Why is there still no liability for pharmacy companies when it comes to COVID vaccines?
    The vaccine has been given to millions, there are mandates for everyone, and the experts keep telling us they are perfectly safe. So why not make it so the companies have liability? The pharmacy companies should not be against this because they assure us the vaccines are perfectly safe for all of us.
    What other companies have this business model? The government buys their product, mandates everyone consume it, and the companies have zero liability. No wonder the CEOs of these pharmacy companies are out there calling people criminals if they question if the data supports these mandate policies – these CEOs want to keep this gig going. Next year, you will be reporting on the pharmacy CEOs making a trillion instead of the billion they have made so far.

    1. YES. Exactly. If they aren’t liable, you imbeciles are on your own if something nasty happens to you. Do you not understand this??? Wake the hell up.

  18. To Cat and Harry Seaward….


    Just because the CDC and Fauci have changed the definition of “vaccine” doesn’t make the mRNA shots any more effective.

    There is NO data that proves that getting the shot lessens your chances of a severe illness or hospitalization. How many people actually were covid-19 positive, and never even knew or developed moderate symptoms? To say this is all due to the “vaccines” is a giant leap.

    Add to that the emerging data showing that it’s more and more likely that deaths DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTABLE to covid-19 infection (not with co-morbidities) are less than deaths from THE SHOT. And, people who have recovered from a covid-19 infection aren’t suffering from the types of injuries (many long-term) people who have received the SHOT are getting.

    Comparing vaccines prior to the covid mRNA injections to the current “vaccines” is as apples-to-oranges. And the number of deaths and injuries caused by mRNA would NEVER have been tolerated by researchers or governing bodies.

    So, what changed?

    (Follow the money/globalist agenda)

  19. It is becoming more and more apparent (to the slow learners) that the major newspapers and television stations, with their once lofty view of themselves has diminished into mere smoke and mirrors. Trusted online sources are being “deplatformed” daily. The rise of the American Liberal Oligarchs will spell doom for Americans. The buffoons in “charge of
    Information” have nothing but scorn for the average American.
    They’re the smartest ones on the planet, doncha know?
    Know Nothing Joe, will tie up the failure and destruction of the country with a bow and call it Christmas.

  20. Please have a full half hour show on Full Measure to show the horrors of these vaccines and the cover up. We have to stop this.
    Thank you always for your truthful reporting!

  21. Thank you for posting this. We all need to write/call our reps to stop the shot for the kids. I would love it all to stop, but parents will regret giving it to their children. My daughter read a German study that has sited 75 athletes having died of heart attacks after getting the shot. That isn’t normal. This kill shot needs to stop.

  22. I have also had a reaction to the Moderna vaccine, it made my eczema inflamed, my skin crawling at times, itching to no end. I have went to multiple doctors and been referred to multiple dermatologists, it is like the doctors have been programmed to not saying anything against the vaccines. I honestly ask the doctors if I should get a booster after what has happened to me and of course they say yes while brushing off the evidence I present. I’ve told them I have gotten the flu shot every year for 10 years running, I am not a anti-vaxxer but they have silly excuses for why the vaccine didn’t cause my skin to itch now, the last doctor got so very frustrated when I pushed and pushed.

    I need the protection of the vaccine being I was born with asthma but I can’t find someone to answer if I should go with Jansen instead of the Mrna style vaccines. I think this or my case is much like Aaron Rodgers case where he is allergic to the Mrna technology but nobody will listen. People are shamed everywhere for even mentioning an adverse reaction much less someone completely opposed to the mandates, this is not the freedom loving America we all used to know, one party has taken over every segment of our communications. Thank-You Sharyl Attkisson for being brave enough to report what the media will not touch.

  23. One month after getting the Pfizer vaccine, I developed eustachian tube dysfunction. I also have constant phlegm in my throat that I have never had before. I have been through several round of steroid therapy, as well as nasal sprays and decongestants, non of which worked. I am currently seeing and ENT specialist. It has bee 4 mos so far, and no relief. I have talked to several other people that have had this same problem after the vaccine. Hmmmm. Wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I never have had any ongoing health issues abd I am currently 66 years old

  24. I hate to be blunt, but writing a letter to any politician or anyone in government whether it’s Biden or Fauci, will not matter one bit. They will not listen. Ever. They will never care. There is a lot of money to be made and they’re going to make sure they get it. The drug companies are trying to make sure 55 to 78 years goes by before you are able to read any papers on the safety of these vaccines.

    1. In fairness, it was the Trump administration who helped fund the drug companies for a quickly produced vaccine. And when it is politically expedient Trump claims credit for the vaccine.
      I think that everyone concerned did the best that they could. The current state of the world’s knowledge about this is far from perfect. We do not have a cure for the common cold.
      These tragedies are heartbreaking. But, the evidence that they were caused by C19 vaccines is anecdotal. Similar claims have been made about other vaccines. The answer is elusive. The statistics do not affirm the case that the vaccines are dangerous.
      I for instance, am a senior citizen with some heart failure and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, I have a implanted defibrillator. I took all my Co19 shots and a booster and had no problem, except for some fatigue after my booster.. My health is compromised, why didn’t I have a problem?
      I don’t think it is fair to insist that these cases of post vaccination health tragedies are not being considered by scientists. In all matters, the health community fought valiantly to save lives.

      1. It is now a known fact that the DoD was managing the pandemic–for better or worse. Trump is merely a Potus. The MIC rules America. Americans have great difficulty accepting the fact that we have no sovereign government. To Trump’s credit, he kept the US out of wars for 4 years and prevented a lockdown on the scale of Australia and Canada. [The benefit of the scam-demic (albeit a tragic and painful one for those who trusted the Pharma-media-govt) is a tsunami of disclosure and revelations regarding the WEF/WHO/CDC agenda.] Pfizer stock has plummeted even as this Pharma-corpse jockeys for billions in the next global heist. Trump actually had very little to do with any of this global PsyOp–and the minions(like Fauci/Gates) were the real media messengers.

  25. My husband Paralyzed by JnJ vaccine GBS they said after the lumbar poke then came the Stroke then the high blood pressure then the kidneys went into stage Four failure then the California Governor changed his insurance bam Stroke #2
    Help no. Have everything No
    UCSF still seeing him I can’t transport anymore
    Will they ever Take Responsibility for what they have done
    Compensate the Vaccine Injured United States the Leaders of the Pandemic All other countries have
    Why not The Makers Manufacturers Home Country
    The Country that Selected the Covid Vaccine Producers
    What about the Billions they made
    What about the people they Killed
    What about the Vaccine Injured ?

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