TSA gives out $500 million in pay raises and new hires despite watchdog critique

The following is an excerpt from Just The News.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is receiving $400 million for employee pay raises, $61 million more to hire employees, and expanded collective bargaining rights, which could lead to future pay increases, according to reports.

OpenTheBooks and Reason reported that the TSA will receive $400 million as part of the 4,000-plus-page, $1.7 trillion omnibus bill passed with the aid of 18 Republicans in the Senate and signed into law in December.

The pay raises come on the heels of a recent report that noted numerous problems with the TSA, according to OpenTheBooks.com. “These raises are not a result of service improvements,” wrote Adam Andrzejewski, CEO of the federal spending watchdog site. “On the contrary, a recent report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office has noted problems with discrimination in the screening process and issues with notifying passengers of the complaint process.”

The TSA concurred with the cited GAO report on Aviation Security.

Reason was even more blunt about the failings of the intrusive yet porous screening methods of the agency.

A TSA spokesperson told Just The News that the funding will address the pay disparity between TSA employees and other federal workers.

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3 thoughts on “TSA gives out $500 million in pay raises and new hires despite watchdog critique”

  1. This Article and it’s comments ? ” This is what all of Washington in past 50 years is all about Sharyl ? Giving themselves a Raise and bennifits while trying to convince average people they need to give up theres to pay for the Economic Sin’s of the rest of the World !, The Two things in life statements made by Donald Trump = One, when he first Ran for office made the statement on TV that everything in life is rigged = 100 % correct !, statement no# 2= This Wu-Han Virus ruined World economics in damages=100%. Now the American people having to go to the cross to pay for economics for Russia invading Ukraine another war since Bush One Gulf War as well as the other 3 wars started by middle eastern countries extremist people ? In my opinion to all these facts if Abraham Lincoln was alive would most likely make the case to get Rid of the Debt Clock Wisen up people ? ” Let no temtations of precious metals or debt, bound mankind to the slavery of time !_ Wm. Andrews Rochester, IN. ” In memory of Abraham lincoln…

  2. TSA: the bastard child of a union between the deep state and Patriot Act. In effect– Surveillance capitalism and money laundering. Perhaps We might choose to re-activate the US Consitution and restore the Republic.

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