UPDATED: Woman injured after Covid vaccine demands retractions after media falsely declares her video to be faked

A Louisiana woman with documented seizures and other medical issues following Covid vaccine is demanding retractions from a mob of ill-informed media who published attacks that she calls false and libelous.

Watch Rumble video here.

Angelia Desselle, 47, is a former manager of a surgery center outside of New Orleans. Earlier this week, she responded to a post by Twitter CEO Elon Musk. Musk stated that he’d had a bad reaction to a Covid-19 vaccine booster, and had a cousin who suffered heart inflammation after the shot. 

Desselle can relate.

Days after getting Pfizer’s Covid vaccine in January of 2021, she reported serious medical issues. She posted a video clip recorded at Ochsner Hospital in Jefferson, Louisiana showing her apparently suffering an episode of uncontrollable shaking.

Evidently without investigating the matter in even a cursory fashion, many vaccine industry interests and others on Twitter declared the video, and Desselle’s apparent illness, to be fake. Desselle, who is white, was subjected to bullying and a barrage of racist attacks.

In one of the tamer exchanges, a user by the name “Ducky” Tweeted: “Why does this phenomenon only happen to white American republicans?” 

“Because they’re all victims,” replied user Pauly Cassilas.

Multiple media outlets, without evidence, followed suit in concert, claiming Desselle is an “anti-vaxxer” and her video is part of a discredited anti-vaccine conspiracy movement. The outlets include the Daily Mail, Yahoo News, Daily Dot, MSN, and several publications that have published misinformation in the past, Rolling Stone and Forbes. In some of the articles, doctors who never treated or met Desselle commented that her injuries seem unlikely, and implied they’re fake. Some falsely stated that vaccines have not been associated with seizures. Others claimed that Desselle’s symptoms were not consistent with seizures or true illnesses. 

A representative for Desselle says neither the journalists nor the medical professionals dismissing her injuries took the basic step of contacting her to see if her illness or the fact of her vaccination could be substantiated. 

In fact, voluminous medical records provide lengthy, detailed documentation of Desselle’s illness following Covid vaccination, and a large body of published medical articles describe similar case reports around the world.

Notes by various doctors and specialists who have treated Desselle

Interestingly, the assault by vaccine interests mirrors a similar rash of attacks launched exactly two years ago. That’s when a number of people posted videos on social media that they claimed showed shocking adverse reactions to Covid vaccination such as seizures, paralysis, loss of control of limbs, and uncontrollable shaking. Many media outlets, such as Wired, defended the vaccine industry and implied, without evidence, that the videos were all faked. 

Vaccine industry interests and others smeared Angelia Desselle, who has suffered serious, documented illnesses after Covid-19 vaccine

In the two years since, there has been a series of medical literature reports documenting motor disorders, seizures, paralysis, and similar cases around the world after Covid vaccination.

In May of 2022, scientists in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology analyzed adverse event reports and found dramatically more reports of seizures after Covid-19 vaccine than after flu vaccine: 3.19 seizures per 100,000 people per year for Covid shots compared to just .09 seizures per 100,000 pepole per year for flu shots.

Read: VAERS-reported new-onset seizures following use of COVID-19 vaccinations as compared to influenza vaccinations

In November of 2022, a study in the European Journal of Neurology documented neurological symptoms reported after Covid vaccination. Doctors reviewed video recordings of people with “motor manifestations” associated with Covid infection or Covid vaccination.

The Covid vaccine group “demonstrated a higher number of functional disorders compared to the [Covid] infection group (58% vs. 22%)” and “Twelve patients (57%) developed neurological symptoms following at least one dose of the mRNA or viral vector-based COVID-19 vaccine. The most common manifestation observed was a functional movement disorder (43%).”

Read: Functional disorders as a common motor manifestation of COVID-19 infection or vaccination

Additional literature documents cases of Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) after Covid vaccine. In July of 2021, the Journal of Neuropsychiatry noted that even though doctors cannot find brain lesions in these cases, and don’t fully understand the mechanism at work, “the occurrence of FND… is real and disabling,” and “FND is a common condition that can lead to distressing and disabling symptoms, which can resemble almost any form of neurological symptoms; common FND subtypes are seizures, paralysis, and movement disorders, often with associated sensory and cognitive symptoms. Although there is no structural neurological lesion identified in FND, it is a consequence of disordered neurological function.”

Read: Functional Neurological Disorder After SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines: Two Case Reports and Discussion of Potential Public Health Implications

A study in Australia last November examined “the experience of 61 young people with past or current functional neurological disorder (FND) in relation to the COVID-19 vaccination program in Australia” and concluded “patients may develop FND after vaccination owing to a variety of complex and incompletely understood factors.”

Read: COVID-19 Vaccination in Young People with Functional Neurological Disorder: A Case-Control Study

An article out of Canada last August noted “An increasing number of patients…presenting with functional neurologic disorders (FND) after SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.”

Read: Functional neurologic disorder associated with SARS-CoV-2 vaccination

Last April, the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences reviewed three reported cases of FND following Covid-19 vaccines and presented three additional cases. 

Read: Vaccine-Induced Functional Neurological Disorders in the Covid-19 Era

In March of last year, the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine reported two cases of FND in Indian patients and concluded: “Actual number of vaccine-related functional neurological disorders may be more than reported. As the pandemic and vaccination campaigns both are ongoing, more such cases may report to [Emergency Department].”

Read: COVID-19 vaccine-related functional neurological disorders in the emergency department

Desselle, through a representative, has demanded retraction of the articles falsely claiming or implying that she, her illnesses and/or the video were faked. As of this publication, the articles have not been retracted.

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45 thoughts on “UPDATED: Woman injured after Covid vaccine demands retractions after media falsely declares her video to be faked”

  1. These souls deserve our compassion and should be compensated by the company that produced the shot. It is criminal that Pfizer, et al, are not subject to liability for the injuries suffered by users of their product. Thank you for reporting on this, Sharyl, keep up the great work.

    1. They ARE subject to full liability, because they LIED in order to get their “immunity” from prosecution or claims for damages done! WHY would they ever ask for such a thing, if they didn’t know well beforehand of the death and destruction these shots of mRNA and graphene oxide and who knows what else, would do to people?!?! If they really are safe and effective, the results would speak for themselves, and no one would ever have a bad thing to say about them!! Everyone who took the shots would be bright and healthy, not dropping over dead under exertion or dying in their sleep!
      Fraud vitiates ALL that it comes into contact with! Anything that is alleged to be a bona fide contract is vacated for fraud, threat, duress, coercion, mistake, illegality, immorality, impossibility, insanity or minority age! Look up the definition of the words Contract and Fraud in any law dictionary, and then apply it to the legal system itself!

  2. I 100% believe that the Covid Vaccines can cause debilitating and life changing symptoms!!! And how can I be so sure of this, you might say?? Because my family and I, ESPECIALLY my daughter, have been living thru this hell since April 2021. For ANYONE, ESPECIALLY reputable magazine and news outlets to discredit this woman’s story is absolutely ridiculous!!! It would appear that they didn’t even reach out to even give this lady a chance to validate her symptoms! To make a very long story
    short, my 26 year old daughter was a vibrant, motivated, intelligent, and care-free young lady prior to April of 2021! She had just graduated with her undergraduate degree the prior December. She now lives in CONSTANT pain, has multiple “nonepileptic” seizures every single day, has multiple episodes of random anaphylaxis every day, cannot endure ANY type of stress on her body without causing a “seizure”. She now has a tracheostomy and port-a-cath. In the following year after getting the vaccine, she had to be intubated 10-12 times and this isn’t even a drop in the bucket compared to all that she has suffered! I have been in the healthcare industry for 20+ years and have NEVER been more embarrassed, infuriated, disappointed, and shocked at the subpar care that she has received and continues to receive thru this life-changing ordeal!

    1. I’m so sorry for you and esp your daughter. I don’t know what I’d do! Everyday I wonder if my oldest daughter will drop. She has had 3 moderna shots that I know of. My other daughter had 2 Pfizer. I begged 5e. Not to take them but no one would listen. I pray for you. I pray for your daughter. We all need to come together and go after these criminals. I want them to pay. They all need to be locked up for life!

    2. I’m so so sorry to hear the terrible tragedy that has happened to your daughter. She, you and your family are in my prayers! I’m thankful for you for sharing and Shari for publishing her article to give a voice to your experiences!! ??

    3. Sandra Larson Gonzales

      God I am so sorry for your daughter, your family
      I pray her body heals but also that the drug companies are made to pay for the horrific genetic manipulation they have foisted upon this world and lied to everyone and burt so many

    4. My heart aches for your daughter. Early Feb.2021 FOX News reported there were Healthcare workers were concern about the growing number of patients having side effects from the vaccine. Instead of pausing the vaccine we were steam rolled it was safe with virtually no side effects just a sore arm & headache lasts a few hrs. Even Advil lists side effects could cause serious harm or death. Look at our Healthcare Dr’s. Calling other Dr’s. Conspiracy theory. Science isn’t science anymore. I thought Dr’s take an oath to cause no harm!!!! Especially when Pfizer has been caught fudging data on trial studies
      a new drug. Not reporting side effects or even conducting a real study. They are known to cut corners & Basically lie with data. They have been sued & made to pay out big $. Vaccines get amnesty but when they perpossedly deceived us and lied repeatedly and committed fraud

  3. One has to wonder how we’re going to fare as a country with so many activist “journalists.” I truly don’t know how we can get back to the principles of sound journalism when there are so many people who don’t even see anything amiss. Thanks for all your efforts, Sharyl.

  4. You get screamed at by society to take an experimental vaccine.
    You do it.
    You become injured or worse, so you seek help (if you didn’t die)
    and the same fricking people now bully, smear, shame, and sht on you?

    The vax injured are a group of people that I hope one day will have retribution.
    It’s a disgrace what is happening to them. If they all truly understood the scam behind
    pharma it would only make it worse.
    What a disgusting world we have become.
    Pray for those who are injured. It’s so unfair.

    1. So well said. And thank you Ms. Atkkisson for all you do.
      I got screamed at and wish I never spent 5 minutes with some of my oldest friends from childhood, screaming at me to stay away and gossiping to anyone to stay away from me because I am not vaccinated.. Aren’t I stupid and selfish? NO! I am healthy and unafraid!
      I was sounding the alarm saying, “Please explain to me your scientific understanding how this mRna vax beats covvid.?” The reporting skipped many steps that made no scientific sense to me. I also would posit: “Why do doctors have malpractice insurance if they are always right?”
      I WAS RIGHT.
      I feel so badly for Ms. Desselle and for the young healthy daughter RUINED for taking a shot she NEVER NEEDED.
      Keep praying for truth and justice because dear G-d we need it!

  5. Most of us know one or more persons who’ve had blood clots, heart attacks, or neurological damage. This News Media carrying Big Pharma’s water discredits them individually, their employer and journalists in general.

  6. The Alex Berenson part of this story is disturbing to me. He has done a lot of good work, but his dismissal of conditions that are harder to prove (like long Covid or these tremors that I have heard of in mostly female vaccine injured) is a very big problem. Also his personality does not appear to be the most pleasant, so he might be dismissed for that too, even if he makes gains for the medical freedom movement. .

    1. I subscribe to Alex Berenson and Dr. Robert Malone’s substack newsletters. The latest newsletter from Dr. Malone included this:

      Alex Berenson @AlexBerenson

      These shake videos are the long Covid of the anti-mRNA movement, and equally credible. The biggest difference is that the middle-aged ladies in them are conservatives and not wokesters.


      It is one thing for individuals to attack and make claims of “faking” injury. It is yet another when journalists at “reputable” publications follow suit without investigating any of the claims or seeking comment from the person attacked.

      If any of them had looked into Desselle, they would have learned that she could provide all of the necessary medical documentation to validate her Covid vaccine injury.”

      Alex Berenson is a mean, gas lighting, hypocrite. I hope he gets to experience the ‘joy’ of Covid vaccine side effects and gets the same treatment.

      1. Yeah, Alex is a weird case. Very egotistical and prone to shoot wildly from the hip at times–like the interview on Fox where he claimed Malone had not invented mRNA tech, despite the fact that Malone’s name is on something like 9 patents? No apology or acknowledgement that Berenson was completely, 100% wrong. And he’s got this weird bias against IVM, too, despite being shown many dozens of RCT’s, and in a debate with Dr. Pierre Kory, Berenson couldn’t make a decent case against it in the face of a man who uses it all the time. I still like some of his reporting, but as the kids would say, he’s problematic.

  7. I am so sorry to hear of your daughter’s, and your family’s horrible ordeal!
    It really angers me that celebrities can get a lawyer to win millions of dollars for them because their feelings were hurt by someone’s comment, but your daughter is going through all this with no compensation!

  8. What is never reported in US mainstream media is the withdrawal of the mandates or even the covid drugs themselves due to injury and public refusal in many countries.
    The racial aspect in these attacks ignores the fact that many people do not know how to file reports or let doctors demean their own sense of judgement about their own bodies which diminishes reporting. And the vast number of doctors fall into locksteip with the corporate narrative and don not even know how to report to VAERS. This list of details on this is much longer than what i listed here.

    Funny how the corporate narrative claims it is unvaccinated people who are getting sick but now we read that only white women GOP’rs get reactions. The nonsense is bottomless.

    What interests me are the number of pro-vaccine professional practitioners who get reactions. and then speak out. Robert Malone, MD, inventer of the mRNA technology for vaccines , a true believer, reports how he almost died after the 2nd shot! It is these reports of people who believed, submitted and then suffered and wound up retrenching their positions. Why isn’t this THE story.

  9. When people ever learn that you do not have unknown and untested crap injected into your bodies? more people without college degrees are finding this out, before the little brainwashed college girls and boys get it. Like Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Go figure

  10. The responses to this woman’s suffering is evil. Whether you believe her or not, mocking a fellow human being is unacceptable. Has our society degraded this much? Shame on those that mocked her and remember karma always comes around and bites you in the arse!

    1. I’ve been to war. I’ve seen horrors and I’ve seen evil. I had family members slaughtered. I’ve seen pigs eating human flesh. I’ve studied Stalin, Hitler, Mao in depth. I myself have been politically prosecuted in my native land (and subsequently given a political asylum in the States)

      I am also a writer and wrote on dystopia and / or madness. But the face of such callous evil in the face of suffering, by ordinary people, in such a huge numbers is beyond my comprehension. America I immigrated to, the Americans I admired have nothing to do with the America and, sadly, so many Americans of today are from another planet, something I am unable to recognize. I fell like I’ve lost my second home, this time this wonderful land I chose to be my home, due to madness and cruelty.

      I haven’t been so sad, not even when I looked, hopeless, at the city back home being burned to the ground. I fear this is the very sad destiny America writes for herself. I can see the burning towers of New York, the charred remains of L.A. in our future. I wish I am able to believe we deserve better.

  11. For as many years as I have left in my life I will never forget what has been done to my fellow citizens by Pharma and the media. What had been done to my country. Thank you for writing this and for your professionalism as a journalist. Those who wield power in this country have not even begun to understand what they have wrought or what the ramifications will be – neither has the pharma or medical industries. The damage to trust will take decades to repair if it even can be repaired. I fear we are only seeing the short term results from an untested vaccine – the long term results are still unknown.

  12. In a podcast a couple of years ago I heard a couple of doctors snickering because their patients were happy to get a “diagnosis” of functional neurologic disorder. They could hardly contain themselves because they were using the term as “doctor speak” for “It’s all in your head”. These doctors were using the term to satisfy their patients and get them out the door. They imagined how silly the patients would look, naming their diagnosis, when the doctor was merely labeling them with these medical sounding words.
    I wonder if that is what is happening here to the vaccine-injured. Are they being taken seriously? Even before these vaccine injuries, many suffering patients have not been taken seriously by their doctors.

  13. I am not sure how to reach Angelia Desselle so I am leaving this message. I have seen one of the vaccine damaged in my clinic and she had severe neurological problems and uncontrollable shaking for over one year.. She ended up stopping all the MD prescribed medicines and just using CBD without THC which is OTC in every state I believe. It took 6 days but the tremors or seizures stopped. CBD is well documented for use in seizures. I am not a physician and am not providing medical diagnosis. Please check with your physician to see if CBD might be effective against these seizure like conditions.

  14. The ELEPHANT in the room seems to be the UNVACCINATED who, for some reason, are not having these neurological issues. They are also not dying in their sleep or dropping dead of ” unknown causes”.
    Why isn’t that investigated? Because it doesn’t fit the “approved narrative”.
    It’s not that hard to read between the lines, folks.

  15. Thank you so much Sharyl for writing this article! You’re a beacon of light in a cesspit of shoddy journalism that doesn’t even meed the term unqualified. I’ve been a fan of yours ever since I saw that astroturfing ted talk you did :)

  16. I join others deeply grateful for Angeliia, Frontline, other doctors and nurses, and all people working for life. Thank you for speaking truth, for your integrity, for your courage.
    Bless you for honoring life and intelligence and for your deep caring.
    Many of you recognize my story, others I say please do all you can to avoid hospitals – and always think for yourselves..
    My husband during Covid – a year ago – was medically murdered as were many people nationwide USA. My husband’s health was good, he had a broken hip, soon kept comatose, starved, given wrong meds. As often as allowed, I was with him trying to figure out what was going on not suspecting I was being lied to – and learned too late he was repeatedly given wrong meds. (that he refused and they were given) kept comatose, literally starved and poisoned . . our story is not unique.
    His primary doctor not allowed, orders of his surgeons ignored, doctors lied, nurses lied. One Hospitalist who I never once saw look look at my husband pleaded with me to understand he had financial responsibility to the hospital.

  17. The bastards in Big Pharma can’t afford to have their scheme exposed and as the truth comes out are becoming more unhinged by the day. Keep the pressure on and force the truth out there.

  18. Isn’t this legally actionable? She isn’t a public figure.

    Grateful for all who have spoken out. And full of respect for them ~ Sharyll Attkisson was first.

  19. There was widespread reporting of serious issues with mRNA vaccines in 2021 and 2022.
    The problem is msm and our politicians ignored. And still ignore!

  20. Barbara Bourland, MD

    On MedPage, a daily email service for health professionals, an article was posted about the social media attacks on this patient. It was not a fair review of the situation at all. Here is the link: https://www.medpagetoday.com/special-reports/features/102820. I tried twice to post a link to your excellent summary of her true clinical situation AND the listing of the professional publications showing links between the vaccine and onset of the neurologic condition she has. My posts were never approved. So frustrating.

  21. These experimental dangerous mRNA gene altering jabs need to be stopped! People will die. Innocent children will be harmed. People will die suddenly of heart attacks. Dr fauci is dr falsey he’s a liar evil. Don’t trust big pharma they only care about profit and lowering the population. All the evidence and science is out proving that these jabs are deadly and doctors like dr Robert Malone creator of the mRNA vaccine who is trying to warn the public are being silenced. This is against our constitution. Freedom of speech. And the right to live and work with government mandates threatening us to get boosters or we lose our jobs. Our bodies are sacred temples. Our bodies our choice. The same people telling you they’re safe are the same people profiting and controlling the laws and courts.
    We all need to speak up and fight to save lives before innocent babies get their poison shots.
    The vaccines don’t stop you from
    Catching covid. They don’t stop you from spreading covid. And if you get the vaccine out of fear of being sick from a flu and your told it will “lessen” symptoms then your a fool cause the vaccine is more dangerous than any flu. The side effects and long term side effects are still unknown but we’re seeing all lab animals died and coroners see the vaccinated blood is full of thick white clots strangling they organs.
    If your afraid of a flu be more afraid of the neurological and cardiac problems and strokes from the vaccine.
    The invisible killer is all part of a de population agenda from the new world order Illuminati.
    The news and doctors are brainwashed to tell you they’re safe it’s all propaganda.
    This is the biggest hoax created.
    Don’t get your booster shot. Save your loved ones.

  22. Evil response! My heart aches reading this. I had and still have neuromuscular issues from the Pfizer vaccine. 2 years now. I’m a physician and was top 10% of my class. This is REAL. Everyone injured will be vindicated eventually. Great progress by many researchers and physicians such as Dr. Pretorius, Dr. J. Vaughn and Dr. A. Iwasaki amongst many others. Prayer. May God heal her or use someone in the medical field to find a cure.

  23. Angelia Desselle and many others like her–to include the courageous whistleblower doctors and nurses, may form a front line(such as Frontline Doctors) in order to engage a class action lawsuit against the Media (liars for hire) and all who work for the Pharma profiteers. In terms of slander and defamation of character, I should think there is more than an adequate basis for a class action lawsuit that would be global in scale. Is there an altruistic lawyer in the house? [Reiner Fuellmich]


    Thankyou Mary. You’re onto something. It gets worse. Every time the vaccinated get reinfected, they have their bodies TOPPED UP with more wild spike protein, which activates the vaccine spike proteins into action against the Immune systems T-cells. In short: the bodies defence system is shut down, like a Model TX ‘turning off’ the Model T Terminator. No antiviral drugs will work once a vaccinated person has been infected with Covid-19 more than 3 times. People are in real danger, which is why they are catching other things like Monkey Pox. If I was an elitist wishing to depopulate the earth, I would have chosen this virus too to do the job, as it’s a ‘slow burn’ of a killer. Very slick, but evil. I hope people ask for God’s forgiveness, considering what has been done to the innocent children- OUR FUTURE. Please forgive me too, for revealing too much.

  25. Note that the medical entry that referred to the neurological signs and symptoms as possible “functional” and a component of a “conversion disorder” was essentially saying “all in her head”

  26. I hope every vax injured person has or will contact Senator Ron Johnson from WI. He is the only one I know of who is listening and trying to expose what’s happened to people. Write your Governors and demand the shots be stopped in your state. Write to each of your representatives in DC and demand the shots be stopped in our Nation and that the drug companies be held liable. President Regan signed the piece that protects Big Pharma. This must be reversed.
    This whole Covid thing was a lie. They created the virus and released it. The recovery statistics stayed at 99.9% to 99.8% but no one talked about that. They emphasized the deaths which we know were exaggerated. The lies were told to create fear so we could be controlled. Note to self: FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. And: Perfect LOVE casts out fear.
    God please help us in this battle against pure evil. I ask for God’s healing over everyone who has been injured by the covid vax. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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