After Hours: San Jose’s Operation Gun Control (Podcast)

All eyes are on San Jose, California and a first-of-its-kind gun control law that could impact all of us. 

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3 thoughts on “After Hours: San Jose’s Operation Gun Control (Podcast)”

  1. I don’t believe anything he says. Gascon releases criminals that absolutely need to be separated from society everyday, and until they fix that their all full of crap.

  2. I watched your Full Measure clip on this, it was pretty good. A good job presenting both sides of the topic.

    I was a bit disappointed though that you didn’t bring up some fairly obvious points.

    The first point is that these measures are, and were designed to be, racist. Democrats claim that black people can’t afford to get an ID to vote, or purchase a gun, so how do they think that they’ll be able to afford the insurance and other infringements mentioned in these laws.

    The second being, the same people who want to infringe on gun rights because they’re used to kill children are the ones who advocate for and cheer every time a baby is murdered via abortion.

    The last point is guns are owned across a wide cross section of society. About twice as many conservative or conservative leaning people own guns than liberal or liberal leaning people do,. The vast majority of violence, crime, poverty, drugs and depravity, are in Democrat run areas. The facts and science are clear, it’s not a gun problem, it is a Democrat problem

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