First-of-its-kind gun control law in San Jose; No college degrees; French Fast & Furious doc

All eyes in the gun control debate are on San Jose, California. The city has implemented a controversial, first-of-its-kind law requiring people to carry proof of gun liability insurance with every firearm they own and pay a $25 fee to a nonprofit to fund prevention of shootings.

Sam Liccardo, former mayor of San Jose, Calif.

Sunday on Full Measure, we’re off to San Jose to speak to the man who is largely the brains behind the law and we’ll find out who’s challenging it in court.

Also Sunday, Lisa Fletcher finds more employers are hanging out the “help wanted” sign with a new incentive: no college degree needed.

See why the value of experience in the work marketplace is now at a premium.

And I’ll interview the maker of a new international documentary that looks at Fast and Furious– and beyond.

Fast and Furious was one of the US government’s ill-fated secret operations that put thousands of weapons into the hands of Mexico’s drug cartels.

French journalist Romain Bolzinger

Wait until you hear the explosive findings in the documentary about the official role the US government played in propping up Mexico’s biggest drug kingpin.

See you Sunday!

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19 thoughts on “First-of-its-kind gun control law in San Jose; No college degrees; French Fast & Furious doc”

  1. “Shall not be infringed” & this is clear infringement so TOAST. Maybe any fees collected will be deemed theft so there could be huge penalties to my relatives’ city.

    1. Yup. But first an injunction is needed to stay the implementation of this ludicrous, unconstitutional law. As we know, the only people adversely impacted by these laws are law-abiding citizens. It’s the Wild West out there these days and increasingly in cities where the police have been defunded or where they are unable to fill the ranks, citizens have to take their protection into their own hands.

  2. It’s a shame Sharyl has no sources or links to the text of the “law”. laws can only be propagated by the legislature, and there is no legislature in San Jose.

    1. Cities have city councils. City councils have every authority to pass ordinances. Ordinances are laws that must be followed in that city. It’s pretty basic.

  3. As always, anti-American democrat attacks on individual freedoms and liberties, are on its face, unConstitutional. The framing of our country’s Constitution was SPECIFICALLY INTENDED to protect citizens from oppressive government. THIS is a perfect example of how dangerous the democrat party has become.

  4. Roger Tranfaglia

    Actually Libilty insurance on firearms is NOT a bad idea! Considering the locale, should one shoot/kill a bad actor in self defense. The law of PROGRESSIVES will come down on said person and bankrupt him/her with Federal/State laws up the YINGYANG!!!!!
    Several insurance companies have sprung up to PROTECT gun owners with hospital bills (should the gun owner get injured) lawyers and legal fees, among other needs

    1. But if you can’t afford the insurance or the required charitable contribution to the government’s favored charity of the week, year in and out or for any other reason for that matter, your right to bear arms is infringed and by the Government. A right is just that. It is not a privledge like a driver’s license issue by government authority. Therefore, the city ordinance is unconstitutional,

  5. Can’t wait to see the information on Fast and Furious. That case was one of the first ones that made me start questioning the governments narrative and introduced me to Ms Attkisson. I have always been disappointed that nobody in the FBI or ATF was prosecuted for gun running to a foreign country which should have been treason.

  6. I decided never to visit anywhere close to this cesspool of a city when the police from this putrid collection of asshats allowed Trump supporters to be beaten bloody while they laughed. San Jose Pigs

  7. Ordinary Citizen

    Want to fund something to prevent shootings. Easy !!
    When the dirt bag N’s get caught stealing, robbing, looting, burning, raping, etc.
    instead of letting them back loose on the street where the next person they try to victimize might ‘shoot’ them, how about you keep them in jail where they belong. They won’t get shot there.
    See, problem solved !!

  8. EVERY man and woman who gets ensnared by the legal system, needs to demand that they be shown where it is in writing, that they are guaranteed actually GETTING a fair and unbiased trial!! The prostituting attorneys work with the fake judges to get convictions on people so they can extract some kind of wealth from them, be it their money, property and even their life!! Men and women make mistakes all of the time, so how can they be trusted to not make mistakes in the legal arena?? The USSC/SCOTUS just last year said that they reversed Roe v. Wade because it had been a MISTAKE!! And Kagan and Alito both said that it was an EGREGIOUS mistake that was made in 1973!! How can we ever trust the legal system after THAT bonehead decision back then?

  9. It is getting so bad here in Kalifornia that as progressives progress, we would be much better off if we were governed by the Mexican cartels. Thais how screwed up the state is.

  10. All of these preceding comments have merit. The remarks are more credible than those of most so-called journalists with copy-cat / no originality stories with obvious bias and opinion. Many of which begin with the words “I think”. Sharyl Attkisson is the rare exception to my assertion. While I support the right to bear arms, I don’t use any guns presently. This is due to tinnitus which began years after I used a rifle for sport. While having never resided in California / I have relatives who do / I frequently encounter ex-residents who are glad they left for many reasons.

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