(GALLUP) 47% say life will never go back to pre-pandemic normal

The following is an excerpt from Gallup News.


  • 33% say their lives are completely back to normal
  • 47% say own lives will never return to pre-pandemic normalcy
  • 20% say lives not yet back to normal but will eventually be

Three years into the Covid-19 pandemic in the U.S., relatively few Americans, 33%, say their lives are completely back to normal, and those who say their lives have not yet completely returned to normal are largely pessimistic about it ever happening.

Nearly half of U.S. adults, 47%, think pre-pandemic normalcy is not attainable for them, but 20% think their lives will eventually get back to normal.

These expectations have improved slightly since last summer, but they are essentially unchanged from Gallup’s previous reading in October.

The findings are from a Feb. 21-28 update to Gallup’s probability-based Covid-19 web panel poll.

As with many attitudes related to the pandemic, Americans’ views diverge sharply and most significantly by partisanship.

Half of Republicans say their lives are back to normal, and 18% say that their lives are not yet normal but will be eventually.

That leaves 33% of Republicans who say their lives never will be back to normal. In contrast, 53% of Democrats believe their lives will never return to normal. Independents’ expectations are closer to Democrats’.

Perceptions of a return to normalcy in their own lives also differ significantly by gender and annual household income.

Majorities of two typically Democratic-leaning groups — women and lower-income adults — say their lives will never be back to normal, while their counterparts are less likely to say as much.

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8 thoughts on “(GALLUP) 47% say life will never go back to pre-pandemic normal”

  1. Many of the people who say their lives will never return to normal likely lost businesses, jobs, and loved ones by covid or vaccine injury. They may have suffered irreparable financial losses, and lives cannot return to normal when husbands, wives, parents, or children have died, especially when people believe those deaths were unnecessary.

    What would be more helpful than such a general survey would be one that drills down a bit to ask people if they have suffered major losses that can never be recovered.

    There is probably a minority that has embraced masking and a lockdown mentality, and the lives of such people will likely never return to normal because of their own choices. I hope that minority is small.

  2. Life is a terminal condition. Change is the only constant. Despite the wisdom of the sages, the PsyOp some are still calling a “pandemic” is the 500 lb. gorilla in the room; and until we address the inauthenticities surrounding the entire enchilada re the WEF’s Great Reset strategy, including the Central Bank collapse–we will continue to live in a dream world. ‘Normal’ needs a reset, without the aid of the Technocrats and the A.I. agenda. Faith is essential during these troubled times. We the People have work to do.

  3. I’m one who wonders how our children (those just starting their careers) will be able to buy a home? Yes mortgages were high in the ‘80’s mine was 16.5% but two incomes could easily cover that. Today it’s less likely with the price of houses and now government inflation caused rate increases ?

  4. This article and having some fun with Dr. Fauci and CDC in physics ? ” How to Kill and Square a Virus in physics —-> O ÷ O3 + 10_15 Hz ^ Ultra violet = C2 Keeping in mind any virus that gets actually squared can no longer reproduce in Relative oxygen here on Earth _Wm. Andrews Rochester, IN. = Smarty Pants Dance ?

  5. This Article and my earlier post ? Why is mankind infested from time to time with Viruses in History ? The facts_ E^ + O^ + H^ = Unsquared constant Mass life…. Meaning Unsquared Constant Energy everywhere is raising Mass constant in the appearance of being squared ..God engineered energy constant using the same framework of Atoms to be unsquared and productive to create so many different faces of life ( Fruitful constant Energy ) and species and Humans plants and animals having to rely on breathing in more of the same framework of atoms unsquared and constant…Pretty cool Nuclear energy engineering ? Even our Moons mass seems to be more Squared then the earth but in Relative Vacuum with our Sun it is not really squared = Constant Quantum field energy

  6. This article ! The Sunlight energy changes the Atom’s Hue to create the unsquared different life forms that make up me and you ! _ Wm. Andrews Rochester, IN. ” The projection if life in a Vacuum ! | E^…..E’ | Matrix,.. “God lives you Sharyl !

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