Emails from Nat’l Archives reveal efforts to squash negative Biden family news, years before laptop story

The following is an excerpt from Just The News.

Records newly released by the National Archives show efforts to suppress negative stories about the Biden family’s business deals long predate the Hunter Biden laptop controversy, dating back to 2015 when an aide to then-Vice President Joe Biden boasted she got a reporter to “only use” negative information “if her editors hold a gun to her head.”

The emails come from the Obama administration archives and were forced into the public through litigation by the America First Legal nonprofit public interest law firm. They chronicle efforts by Biden’s then-aides in the vice president’s office to suppress stories about Huter Biden’s relationship with the Ukraine energy compamy Burisma Holdings during a Biden trip to Ukraine in December 2015.

Stephen Miller, the president of America First Legal, said the records suggest the news media has been complicit in burying negative news about the Biden family for at least a decade.

“Joe Biden and the Biden vice presidency were intimately involved in the Hunter Biden Burisma affair,” Miller said on the Thursday edition of the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “They were intimately aware of it. They were intimately aware of the ethical objections, and they were intimately involved in trying to spin and control the press about it.”

You can read the full set of released documents at this link: NARA-Release-2_Supplement.pdf

The records obtained by Miller’s group reveal that Joe Biden personally approved quotes in December 2015 to address his son’s overseas business dealings even though the president has claimed he had no knowledge about what his son did.

“VP signed off on this — will give this quote to both reporters in my name shortly,” then- vice presidential press official Kate Bedingfield wrote in one of the emails. 

That email corroborates an audio tape released last year that captured Joe Biden calling his son to reassure him the White House had managed to quiet the story about the foreign business deals.

The emails cover a frantic month in December 2015 as reporters began asking questions about Hunter Biden’s business relationship with Burisma just as Joe Biden was heading to Ukraine for a key U.S. policy meeting.

The emails show the White House was using a strategy designed to stop some reporters from publishing by offering them quotes that downplayed the questions.

“Really frustrating,” Bedingfeld wrote as she approved some statements to be released to the inquiriung press. “That said, so long as it doesn’t elevate and trigger someone else to write, it’s actually a good and straightforward response.” (Continued…)

Link to article here.

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8 thoughts on “Emails from Nat’l Archives reveal efforts to squash negative Biden family news, years before laptop story”

  1. And this is surprising why? Americans are nothing but pawns in a giant game of chess between the battling parties in DC.

  2. The same media that protected the Obama/Biden administration wrong doings is the same media that tried to bring Trump Presidency down from day one. By covering up Hunter Biden’s crimes while his father was Vice-President and helping elect Joe Biden as President, many people have suffered the consequences, including the Ukrainians and the Afghanistan’s women whose way of life has been destroyed. The main media is part of the government now and this is endangering us all.
    Thank you, Sharyl Attkisson, for bringing out the truth to the light.

  3. The fourth estate of democracy has been considered as the watchdog of the government and holds accountable those in power. However with the advent of digital/social media the fourth estate has relinquished its “formal role” in lieu of the faceless crowd. The media has been compromised with political pressures, commercialization, propaganda, and faceless ego.

    The traditional media has lost its credibility due to the influence of political pressures. The government uses various tools in controling “media”, such as censorship, blacklisting, and even physical violence in some instances. This has led to a fear of retaliation, which discourages journalists and news organizations from reporting on stories critical of the “government narrative”.

    Commercialization has also played a significant role in diminishing the strength of the fourth estate. In the quest for higher profits, media entities have become more interested in sensationalism rather than truthful reporting. They tend to prioritize entertainment over informing the public, often overlooking serious news stories in favor of celebrity gossip and sensational headlines.

    Over the last few decades, groundbreaking technology (A.I.) has emerged altering the way humans think, act, feel, and communicate. [thought: the human genome has not changed, perhaps the pattern has] The internet has amplified the rate of globalization and interconnectivity, allowing anyone to discover things previous generations could never imagined. The danger is|in an amplified ‘globalized interconnectivity’ and ease of aggregation of|in ‘crowd or group’ assembly is individual identity is absorbed into a selfless mass of ‘crowd and|or group’ madness. What of the human genome, yet the mind has changed? Faceless the people may be; absent they are not. Worse is the aggregation of groups|crowds either IRL or virtual.

    Rapid expansion comes with a price. The world’s ruling elites have taken advantage of this opportunity to control and suppress the (faceless) masses. For better or worse, it has allowed governments have allowed elites to push “whatever” narrative deem most appropriate.

    TURING TEST: … I looked into the ‘digital mirror a future’ and what did I see? I didn’t see ‘trust’, ‘honesty’, rather a murky darkness of uncertainty begging for a reply. (Echother)::= echo other.

  4. This is not new to those who are not watching CNN, MSNBC or reading WaPo and the NYT. Even though Biden boasted about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigaing Burisma (Hunter’s cash cow) the lame media covered for the Biden crime cabal.
    The entire government and most of the media have been corrupt since GW Bush’s second term.
    Thomas Jefferson stated “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”; those of us that took an oath to support the Constitution of the US are beginning to realize the threat to the great idea of the USA are the tyrants within. The domestic enemy we swore to defend against.

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