(POLL) 67% unsurprised by Covid-19 lab leak confirmation

Recent reports confirming that the Covid-19 virus probably came from a Chinese lab that partnered with the US don’t surprise most voters, who say they already suspected US officials may have been involved in a cover-up.

That’s according to Rasmussen Reports.

As respondents were asked to look back on the pandemic, 42% rated the job done by US public health officials in dealing with Covid-19 as “good” or “excellent.”

Thirty-seven percent (37%) gave U.S. officials a “poor” rating for their handling of the virus.

The Energy Department recently issued a report concluding that Covid-19 most likely originated with a laboratory leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China. 

Sixty-seven percent (67%) say they already believed the virus came from a lab leak (before the recent report). Only 20% of voters say they were surprised by the report that Covid-19 came from the Wuhan lab.

Another 13% saythey are not sure.

Sixty-five percent (65%) of say they voters believe it is likely that some US officials were involved in a cover-up of China’s role in the Covid-19 pandemic, including 48% who say it’s “very likely.”

Twenty-eight percent (28%) say they don’t think US officials helped cover up China’s role in the pandemic.

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4 thoughts on “(POLL) 67% unsurprised by Covid-19 lab leak confirmation”

  1. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    The Covid 19 / MK-Ultra days will never be covered up, no matter who attempts it. Whether it is Sidney Gottlieb – Robert Lashbrook – Richard Helms or Dr. Fauci and his band of criminals, the intellectual minds together with the Patriots in this country will never acquiesce. The Big Farma Fools will experience the proper vengeance in this life or the next. If ever retributive justice was in order – it is in order now. The proper sentence for a Traitor of this magnitude is Death. ” What we do now echoes in eternity” Marcus Aurelius

  2. When I was working years ago, I had some Chinese customers. They were a pain and their facilities( greenhouses) were substandard in cleanliness and plant health. When the virus hit in Wuhan and the Chinese were acting like it came from a bat, I was a doubter. Coincidentally, I had always wondered about the real story of “birds nest soup” (I couldn’t imagine making soup out of a REAL nest, !) When it became obvious that the CCP wasn’t going to be honest, I finally had to research the soup origin! Lo and behold, it is made with REAL bird’s nests!!! Out of, get this, birds that nest only in BAT caves! For YEARS, Chinese peasants have been scaling bat cave walls to get these nests. Since this has been going on for so long, what are the odds that no peasants ever brought this “natural” disease home from the caves???? We KNOW it would have spread rapidly if this had happened, so I feel QUITE sure of my theory. It’s foolish to think the CCP will ever admit they did it.My question for them would be “You KNEW it would spread, but you sent people out all over the world but would not let your people go anywhere in YOUR country. You did THAT on purpose.” I’m holding a major GRUDGE, and I would think people all over the world would be doing that!!!

  3. NIH funded gain of function virus at Wuhan lab and because of poor quality control, virus escaped. Unintentional. If NIH is complicit, why China is afraid to acknowledge the leak?

  4. This is what you call confirmation of a lab leak?? I was wondering from the beginning why the annual flu disappeared. The flu disappeared for 3 years and is still rarely mentioned. From the beginning I have believed this was a ploy to force mail in voting. They took the annual flu and with the help of 100’s of billions of dollars to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, foreign aid, enhanced unemployment payments, compensation to the business community and the cable news media they shut down the world and rigged an election. Pretty hard to walk back now but kind of fun to watch. There was no lab leak and there was no infected bat, it’s always been the Hollywood version of the annual
    flu. The vaccine never worked because there’s no such thing as “CORONA VIRUS DISESE – 2019”

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